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How To View And Check The Amount Of TikTok Coins Are Enough Or Not To Buy Gifts

Gadgetren – In the short video service TikTok, we can earn additional income by monetizing in the form of coins obtained through live streaming.

Live streaming themes that can be made variously can display cooking tutorials, selling certain products, promoting merchandise, product launches, the latest news from famous public figures, games, and much more.

These coins can also be exchanged for cash or to get gifts. Besides being able to make money by doing live streaming, you can also earn coins by buying them.

The coins that can be purchased provide various nominal values ​​ranging from 70 coins worth IDR 11,900 to the most expensive 17,500 coins for IDR 2,975,000. By purchasing coins, viewers who watch live from other creators can give gifts if they like their content.

There are several gifts that can be given to other creators during live such as a Rose gift in the form of 1 coin, Paper Bird in the form of 99 coins, Castle Fantasy in the form of 20,000 coins, Lion with 29,999 coins, to the highest TikTok Universe with 34,999 coins.

But if you want to give gifts to other creators make sure that you have enough TikTok coins. To view and check TikTok coins are sufficient or not, you can directly access the settings menu located on the profile page.

How to View and Check TikTok Coin Count

To top up your own TikTok coins further, you can tap the Recharge button on the Coin Balance page. After that, follow the next steps by selecting the nominal coin to be purchased.

The TikTok coin payment method can be done with various digital wallet application services such as OVO, GoPay, ShopeePay, DANA, LinkAja or via bank transfer via ATM, Internet Banking, to paying via Alfamart or Indomart minimarkets.

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