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How to Use Twitter Advanced Search to Find Old Tweets

Gadgetren – As digital acceleration progresses, several social media continue to produce new features to pamper their users.

Twitter a little different, this social media allows everyone to create their personal mini blog in the form of tweets that only have limited characters.

Various topics were discussed there, from the old to the most recent. If we want to find the latest news, just search for it on Twitter because it displays hashtags or hashtags from trending topics in Indonesia and even abroad.

We can even look for inspiration from Twitter through trending content to create content on other social media such as TikTok, YouTube or Podcasts. To search for various topics on Twitter, all you have to do is access the search field available on the Twitter application.

The search field can be used either via a mobile phone or computer via a browser page. Not only can you search for topics with hashtags or keywords, but you can also use an advanced search, known as Advanced Search.

This advanced search will help you find old tweets based on various search categories that can be entered, such as from a certain date, day, to year. You can even enter the number of likes, minimal retweets, from accounts, mention accounts, and other certain keywords.

How to Use Twitter Advanced Search

Besides being able to search for old tweets based on a specific date, month and year, you can also take advantage of this advanced search feature to help you create a business marketing strategy or Twitter account impressions so you can see which topics are relevant to your field.

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