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How to use the Orbit Light on the Reno8 T as an indicator of various things

Gadgetren – The presence of Orbit Light on the back makes the Reno8 T unique as a cellphone for OPPO’s current flagship middle class device.

For those of you who don’t know, the Orbit Light is a light that circles around the side of the main camera like an orbit.

Orbit light will be fully lit during the charging process and will turn off when the battery has reached 100%. Meanwhile, when a phone call appears, the Orbit Light will flash quickly.

OPPO Reno8 T Back Light

When you get a notification, the Orbit Light will flash slowly. Meanwhile, when opening the game, the Orbit Light will only light up briefly because it only wants to indicate that the user has entered the game.

By default, Orbit Light will be active immediately since OPPO Reno8 T is used for the first time. But you yourself can set the Orbit Light as you wish through the Breathing Light menu in the Settings application.

How to Set Up Orbit Light

  • App access Settings of Reno8 T.
  • Select the menu Wallpaper & style.
    OPPO Reno8 T - Orbit Light - 1
  • In section Other, select menu Breathing light.
    OPPO Reno8 T - Orbit Light - 2
  • On the page Breathing lightyou are free to set for some features related to Orbit Light.
    OPPO Reno8 T - Orbit Light - 3

To turn on or off the Orbit Light, you can press the toggle button in the Breathing light section. Please note that the Orbit light cannot be activated when the Power Saving mode or Super power saving mode feature is on.

The Orbit light activation time can also be set through the In effect section, which starts at what time. Unlike the previous generation, the color of the light from the Orbit Light can be adjusted according to the tastes of the Reno8 T user with a choice of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, light blue, purple or white through the Breathing light colors menu.

However, it should be noted that color selection can only be made for phone calls, message notifications, and opening games. Meanwhile, the Always on while charging menu can be used to turn on or turn off the Orbit Light when charging the Reno8 T battery.

The Quickly blink menu for incoming calls functions as the Orbit Light setting for phone calls, Slowly blink for notifications for application settings, and Blink for game launches for settings when the game is opened.

Specifically for application notifications, you are free to set which applications can turn on Orbit Light when you receive message notifications. You could say that Orbit Light is very useful for various needs, especially as an indicator that charging is complete and notifications received by the Reno8 T.

If you are interested in owning this device, OPPO Reno8 T can now be purchased in Indonesia at a price of IDR 4,899,000.

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