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How to Use the Multi Screen Connect Feature on OPPO Pad Air

Gadgetren – To increase the daily productivity of its users, OPPO has presented the Multi Screen Connect feature on the OPPO Pad Air.

Multi Screen Connect allows users to operate OPPO cellphones directly from the OPPO Pad Air. Later the display of content on the mobile screen will appear as a virtual box on the tablet screen.

For example, if you switch menus or access the menu directly from the virtual box on the OPPO Pad Air screen, the display on the OPPO cellphone screen will automatically move too.

This feature is only available on a few OPPO mobile phones that support Multi Screen Connect, such as OPPO Reno7 5G, Reno7 Z 5G, Reno7 5G, Reno8 5G, Reno8 Pro 5G, Find X2 Pro, Find X3 Pro, and Find X5 Pro.

Users can also move files directly from the OPPO mobile phone to the OPPO Pad Air by simply dragging and dropping photos, videos, documents, songs, and others on the virtual box.

OPPO Pad Air Multi Screen Connect Diagonal

With this feature, you no longer need to use data cables or third-party applications when you want to transfer data from OPPO mobile phones to OPPO Pad Air or vice versa. Transfer times will vary depending on the number of files being transferred.

In addition, users can also practically find phone call notifications and various applications that enter the OPPO cellphone by looking directly at the OPPO Pad Air screen without the need to hold the cellphone.

To be able to activate this feature, you can simply activate the Multi Screen Connect feature on the OPPO cellphone and OPPO Pad Air simultaneously. Later WiFi and Bluetooth from both devices will be automatically activated.

Multi Screen Connect - OPPO Pad Air - Copy File

It should be noted that the Multi Screen Connect system requires both devices to be connected with a 5 GHz WiFi connection. That way, users cannot run this feature when using a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection.

The system requests a 5 GHz WiFi connection because it wants to present a smooth and seamless process and performance when carrying out OPPO cellphone activities through the virtual box that appears on the OPPO Pad Air screen.

How to Use the Multi Screen Connect Feature on OPPO Pad Air

When you switch menus and run applications in the virtual box on OPPO Air, it will also affect the appearance of the OPPO cellphone screen. Meanwhile, when running YouTube videos on mobile phones using Full Screen mode, the video display will also be full on the OPPO Pad Air.

Especially during Full Screen mode, you can rest your OPPO cellphone screen even though you are running videos using a free YouTube account. We all know that if you rest the screen, the YouTube video will no longer run because you don’t use a Premium account.

Multi Screen Connect - OPPO Pad Air- Video Play

However, when Full Screen mode is active on Multi Screen Connect, it is as if the video being run moves to the OPPO Pad Air via a virtual box display. Even though we all know that it is actually opened via the YouTube application on an OPPO cellphone.

Telephone notifications and messages displayed on the OPPO cellphone virtual box on the OPPO Pad Air are very important because users can find various information just by looking at the tablet screen without needing to touch the cellphone at all.

Even to increase the productivity of its users, OPPO Pad Air also supports Stylus and Keyboard which are sold separately. If you are interested in owning this tablet, you can buy it in Indonesia for IDR 3,999,000.

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