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How to Use the Anime Filter on the More Viral TikTok

Gadgetren – Lately short video service TikTok is being revived with a new filter that allows a photo or person to change appearance in an anime style.

This new filter is built into the direct TikTok application which can be used to decorate the video content that we make.

If you look for it on TikTok and have trouble finding it, this feature actually doesn’t have a name at all with the word anime but is called AI Manga.

Usually this feature can be found in TikTok posts on the For You page because many users use the AI ​​Manga filter as their own excitement to see the result of themselves turning into an anime version.

There are also those who create content by applying AI Manga filters to their favorite pets such as cats and dogs. Some users even made this filter to detect ghosts in a room or in certain locations such as graves.

Therefore, the AI ​​Manga filter is increasingly being used by TikTok content creators. Because it’s viral, there are also those who use the filter with their own creativity so they can present comedy video content.

For example, a TikTok user creates content where his body shape can change to become athletic even though he has a stocky body just by relying on an additional photo of torn bread placed near his stomach.

So, those of you who might want to take part in creating TikTok video content using the AI ​​Manga filter can follow the steps below.

How to Use Anime Filters on TikTok

  • Enter the TikTok application on your cellphone.
  • Tap filter AI Manga in a post on the For You page. Filter-anime-tiktok-1
  • Can also tap the icon button + to create a new post.
  • Tap the button Effect.
  • In the Effect search field, type AI Manga.
  • TapAI Manga. Filter-anime-tiktok-2.
  • Tap the screen once to take a photo.
  • Or you can also upload photos from your cellphone gallery.ilter-anime-tik tok-3.
  • Then tap on the round red button to record the result.  Filter-anime-tiktok-4

Besides being able to show one anime change, the AI ​​Manga anime filter can produce more than one human change to the anime version. You can adjust the duration according to the available time starting from 15 seconds, 60 seconds, or 3 minutes.

For the record, AI Manga’s anime filter also provides music, although this filter will not be found in the sound catalog. But it’s no wonder that many people don’t find this filter because they are looking for a feature to add sound or audio.

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