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How to Use Photo Remaster on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G

Gadgetren – The Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G really excels in the mobile photography segment, which is now increasingly favored by many people in expressing themselves.

Apart from bringing a series of cameras with a sophisticated configuration that even up to 200MP resolution, the Galaxy S23 Series 5G is also equipped with features that can make photos even more stunning.

Called Photo Remaster, this feature which is available directly in the Gallery application can enhance photos taken directly from the Galaxy S23 Series 5G camera as well as old memorable photos.

That way, photos that may look dark due to poor lighting can appear clearer. The algorithm that Samsung embeds in it can increase exposure to reduce the noise that exists from a photo.

Plus this feature is very easy to use because it works automatically. You only need to choose which photo you want and then select the Remaster option provided.

How to Use Photo Remaster on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G

  • Open the app Gallery di Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G.
  • Select a photo which are desired.
  • Press three dots icon in the lower right corner.Samsung Photo Remaster - 1
  • Select the menu Remaster picture.
  • Press Save to save the enhanced photo.
  • Or press Share to instantly share photos.Samsung Photo Remaster - 2

Later when the system has finished remastering, you can immediately see the difference because the two photos will be displayed side by side. You can drag the dividing line to manually set which parts you want to compare.

Usually, a photo profile that has been remastered will have a brighter color profile with a higher level of sharpness. So photos can still be seen more clearly when uploaded to social media or chat applications which often make the image quality slightly decrease.

Of course, with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset embedded at the center of the Galaxy S23 Series 5G, the remaster process will take place faster than the previous generation thanks to improved AI capabilities.

Apart from that, those of you who like photography can rely on other features that Samsung has provided in the Gallery application. You can even remove backgrounds, shadows, and reflections from photos so unwanted or disturbing things are no longer visible.

Together with the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G which has a 200MP main camera, you are freer to experiment to create captivating photos with color to detail that can be optimized immediately with the Photo Remaster feature automatically without having to make troublesome edits.

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