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How to Use Photo Mode on TikTok to Create Collages

Gadgetren – Besides being able to upload video content with a maximum duration of 3 minutes, the short video service TikTok can also create content with a collection of photos through the Photo Mode feature.

TikTok, which has just released the Photo Mode feature, now allows you to create photo content in carousel format.

Actually Video Mode can also display various collections of photos, but if uploaded, it will appear in the form of slides or shifted images. While Photo Mode will appear in the form of a photo display one by one with a dot at the bottom as a photo pause.

The presence of Photo Mode is intended so that users who want content in the form of photos can have other alternatives to interact with other users. According to the Gadgetren team’s monitoring, a maximum of 35 photos can be used.

When compared to Instagram which can only accommodate 10 photos in the Feed feature, of course the number of photos from TikTok’s Photo Mode is more. That way you can freely choose any photos to share.

In addition, you can also embed song accompaniment to make it more interesting to watch, to add text, stickers, filters, crop audio, and more. But unfortunately a collection of photos made through the Photo Mode feature so far can only be shared on the For You page.

Creating a Photo Mode feature on TikTok is basically the same as making short video content, only you have to select the feature before uploading it for sharing.

How to Use TikTok Photo Mode

With the Photo Mode feature on TikTok, now you can be even more creative not only in making short videos but also using existing photos.

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