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How to Upload Photos and Videos to Google Drive For Sharing Or Backup

Gadgetren – Google Drive is one of the cloud storage services that we can use to store important files when the internal memory on the device is running low.

Besides being able to be used for free, the service is very easy to use. Google Drive also allows us to manage data from various devices, from mobile phones to computers or laptops.

With Google Drive, we can also be more flexible to collaborate. We can very easily exchange various kinds of work files even though we are not in the same location.

Google Drive is also equipped with an encryption system to secure the data stored in it. Even at the time of sharing files will be scanned proactively to ensure that they are safe from malware, spam, ransomware or phishing.

We can also use Google Drive to store photos and videos which incidentally can make the internal memory of a device full quickly. Here’s how to do it if you can’t.

How to Upload Photos and Videos to Google Drive

From Mobile

  • Install or update the Google Drive app on your phone
  • Open the app
  • Sign in with the appropriate account
  • Tap the button Add (+ icon) in the lower right corner
  • Select the menu Upload
  • Find the photo or video file that you want to upload
  • Tap the file
    How to Upload Photos and Videos to Google Drive - 1
  • Wait until the upload process is complete

After successfully uploading, the photo and video files can later be viewed in the section My Files. We can then share it with people or move it to another tab in Google Drive when needed.

If using mobile data, make sure to turn off the option Transfer files only over Wi-Fi so that the file can be uploaded. The settings can be seen on the page Menu (ikon hamburger) > Settings in the Data usage.

The Google Drive application itself is available for Android and iOS mobile phones. We can also download it officially via Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store according to the operating system of the device used.

From Computer

  • Go to page in browser
  • Login with the account you have
  • Tap the button New (+ icon) in the top left corner
  • Select the menu File Upload
  • Find the photo or video in question
  • Double click the file or select Open after tagging it
  • Wait for the upload process to finish

In addition to using the method above, we can also use drag and drop on the computer. In this case, we only need to drag photo or video files to the Google Drive folder that has been opened in the browser.

If you want it easier, we can also install a client application Google Drive for Desktop. In this case, we can use it both for computers with Microsoft Windows operating systems and Mac OS.

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