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How To Update Expired WhatsApp To Update To The New Version

Gadgetren – WhatsApp is one of the chat applications used by many people in various countries, including Indonesia.

WhatsApp brings a variety of features that make it easier to communicate with friends, family, co-workers, relatives, and more than using SMS.

Not only chat that is real time, chatting with other users can be more interactive by using the provided Video Call or Call features. Meanwhile, there are times when WhatsApp suddenly displays an expired message so that the application closes automatically.

If the distance of the WhatsApp version that is used is far from the latest updated version, then most likely the system will notify you that the application has expired which forces you to update. The reason is that updates can reduce the risk of security holes so that accounts are not hacked by irresponsible people.

Meanwhile, updates also often bring new features so that all users can feel the same experience. Now if you find an expired WhatsApp message, you can immediately update it through several methods.

How to Update Expired WhatsApp

For Android Via Google Play Store

  • Open the Google Play Store app
  • Find the WhatsApp app
  • Press the button Update and the update process will start
  • After the process is complete, press the button Open
  • If successful, then the application will open again
    WhatsApp - expired - download Google Play

For iOS Via Apple App Store

  1. Open the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Find and select WhatsApp
  3. Press the button Update
  4. Wait for the update process to complete
  5. Press the button Open
  6. If successful, the WhatsApp application can be reused

We all know that applications on mobile phones with the Android operating system can be installed manually. However, this method can only be done for those of you who use Android phones because iPhone-based devices do not support similar features.

Install APK Manually

  1. Especially for Android phones, delete the WhatsApp application
  2. Visit WhatsApp Download page via browser
  3. Choose the latest version of the APK, the higher the number, the newer it is
  4. Press the button Download Now
    WhatsApp - expired - download APK
  5. Wait until the download process is complete
  6. Open the APK file to continue installing the WhatsApp application
  7. Enter mobile number and backup data
  8. If successful, then you will see that WhatsApp can run as usual

If all these methods still don’t work, then you need to contact WhatsApp to make sure whether your cellphone is still supported or not. In addition, you can also get a clearer reason why this happened.

Report to WhatsApp

  1. Visit WhatsApp Contact page via browser
  2. Enter the mobile number of the WhatsApp account, and the email address
  3. Then enter also using what device
  4. Write an expired WhatsApp problem in the message column
  5. When everything is filled in, press the button Next Step
    WhatsApp - expired - website
  6. Wait until WhatsApp sends a reply message via email

It should be noted that in the How do you use WhatsApp section, you can choose according to the operating system used, be it Android or iOS.

You could say the process of installing an APK manually is often a successful alternative. But unfortunately this method can’t be done for iOS devices such as the iPhone because Apple only allows installing applications directly from the App Store.

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