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How to Unsubscribe to First Media for those of you who want to change

Gadgetren – As an alternative provider of home internet and cable television services, First Media does have various packages that can meet every customer need.

On First Media’s network, we can find, among others, packages with high-speed internet access to very complete television channels. We can of course choose it according to daily needs.

In addition, First Media products are also equipped with unlimited internet access without the FUP (Fair Usage Policy) quota system or fair usage limits. So we don’t have to worry about the speed will decrease even if we use it as we like.

However, the wide range of First Media products and their advantages can guarantee that every customer will remain loyal to using them. Some of us may even have the urge to quit after a long subscription.

Whatever the reason, this is quite reasonable because each person has their own preferences. Those of you who plan to unsubscribe from First Media can try the following ways.

How to Unsubscribe First Media

Via Phone Call

  • Open dialpad (phone app)
  • Type number (021) 1500595
  • Press Call
  • Follow the instructions until you can connect to customer service
  • Once connected, pass the destination to customer service
  • Don’t forget to inform the customer ID number

Telephone connection to customer service is one of the media that can be used to unsubscribe from First Media. However, keep in mind that the service schedule is only available at 07.00 – 21.00 for weekdays or 07:00 – 19.00 for weekends.

Via Social Media

  • Open Twitter
  • Login with the account you have
  • Visit account account @FirstMediaCares
  • Open the menu DM (Direct Message)
  • Write a message wanting to unsubscribe
  • Add information about Customer ID number
  • Click Send
  • Wait for a response from First Media
  • Follow the instructions given

Apart from phone calls, we can also contact First Media’s customer service via social media if we want to unsubscribe. We can specifically do this through the Twitter platform.

Come Directly to First Media Office

  • Visit the nearest First Media office
  • Look for the customer service section
  • Convey the intent and purpose to the officers there

If the above method still doesn’t work, then coming to the First Media office can be one of the last resorts. Now we can find located in several big cities such as South Jakarta, West Jakarta, North Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya.

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