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How to Unsubscribe from Vidio on IndiHome TV So You Don’t Get Billed Again

Gadgetren – To pamper users, IndiHome also has various add-on packages that allow us to benefit from a number of its additional services.

With these various add-on packages, we can enjoy public WiFi networks, increased speed, network expansion, additional television channels, layanan video-on-demandto cloud storage.

One of them, we can access the Vidio Premier service. So we can watch various kinds of premium shows such as original series, sports shows, Korean dramas, and broadcasts of English Premier League matches.

But unfortunately, some add-on services at IndiHome, such as Vidio, implement an automatic update system. We will always be charged a subscription fee that must be paid along with the monthly bill.

Those of us who are not suitable for these services must stop manually. Specifically for Vidio subscriptions, we can use the following steps to do this.

How to unsubscribe from videos on IndiHome

  • Open the Vidio application on IndiHome TV
  • Enter the tab Account from the menu panel on the left
  • Click on the currently active package
  • Tap the button Cancel Subscription
  • Confirm by pressing the button Yes, Cancel Subscription
  • Click Okay, Got it if a notification appears that the subscription has been cancelled

Interestingly enough, support for Vidio Premier access will not stop immediately after we cancel our subscription. The selected package will remain active and can be used to watch premium videos until the last period expires.

However, different from the previous section Auto Renewable will change to No. This indicates that the associated Vidio Premier package will not be renewed automatically after the subscription period expires.

Apart from canceling subscriptions, we can also upgrade the Vidio Premier package via the page Account. Be found IndiHome offers two types of choices in this case includes Vidio Premier Platinum and Diamond.

Vidio Premier Platinum is a basic package to enjoy a variety of premium content priced at IDR 29,000 per month. Meanwhile, Vidio Premier Diamond is an upgraded version that is available for IDR 79,000 per month with the addition of Premier League broadcasts.

Vidio is a children’s video streaming platform that provides a fairly complete collection of content. Apart from supporting multiple devices, the service also offers several shows that can be enjoyed free of charge without the need for a subscription.

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