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How to Unregister Telkomsel NSP to turn off subscriptions

The Gadget – Personal Dial Tone (NSP) is one of Telkomsel’s services that we can use so that someone doesn’t get bored quickly when we haven’t picked up the phone call.

Instead of just the typical dial tone sound that only reads “tut tut tut”, they can listen to snippets of a popular song that we can choose from the service.

Telkomsel in this case has many collections that can be used. It’s just that we need to pay an additional subscription fee so we can continue to use the NSP service from Telkomsel. Usually it will be automatically extended by cutting the credit balance that we have.

If your credit balance is often lost suddenly, then one possibility could be due to NSP service fees. Because Telkomsel will continue to extend its subscription unless we unregister it ourselves.

Telkomsel specifically provides several unregistered methods that we can use to unsubscribe from NSP. For those of you who don’t know, here are the steps to use each method.

How to Unregister Telkomsel NSP

Via UMB (USSD Menu Browser)

  • Open the phone call panel (dialpad)
  • Type UMB code *121*9#
  • Press the button Call
  • Select the menu Unsubscribe NSP
  • Select the NSP you want to stop
  • Follow the instructions that appear next

Keep in mind that selecting a menu or option at UMB can be done by entering the appropriate number into the column, for example number 4 for Unsubscribe to NSP. Then press the button Send or Send.

In addition to using UMB like the steps above, we also unregister from Telkomsel’s NSP service via SMS. Here are the steps on how to do it for those of you who are still having trouble.


  • Open the messaging app on your phone
  • Type 1212 to the recipient
  • Type OFF in the message body
  • Tap the button Send or Send

The above method applies to unreg of all previously activated NSP songs. If you want to do it one by one, then we can add message content with AKA SONG which can be seen from the page

So later, the contents of the message to unregister Telkomsel’s NSP service become OFF(space)AKA SONG. For example, to stop the song “Star in Heaven” from Noah, we just need to replace it with OFF BZWUK later.

In addition to taking the two methods above, Telkomsel will automatically stop the NSP subscription from the customer if the credit is not sufficient for the renewal fee. However, we need to wait until we pass the 30-day grace period for it to be permanently disabled.

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