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How to unlock forgotten OPPO HP PIN so that it can be restored

Gadgetren – Almost all of today’s Android-based mobile phones are artificial OPPO already equipped with a PIN feature that can lock the cellphone so that it cannot be accessed by just anyone.

This is of course presented as a form of privacy so that data is not stolen by other people who are not responsible.

But maybe you just forget the PIN that has been registered because you have used the fingerprint sensor or Face Unlock more often to unlock the system.

This of course will hamper it like when you are going to give or sell your cellphone to someone else because you need the PIN to reset so that the cellphone can return to factory settings.

Luckily on ColorOS 7 or belowyou can still change the PIN you forgot so you can unlock the OPPO phone.

How to Unlock Forgotten OPPO PIN

  • Enter the PIN which is wrong
  • Later a button will appear Forgot PIN or Forgot PIN
  • Press the button Forgot PIN
  • Enter the email that has been installed on the cellphone
  • Then, you will be sent a verification code to the registered email
  • Enter verification code the
  • Press the button Done or Done
  • Reset the new PIN code on the cellphone

As mentioned earlier, unfortunately this method can only be done on OPPO phones with the ColorOS 7 operating system or a version below. That way, OPPO phones that use ColorOS 11 or above will no longer provide this feature.

I myself have tried it on a cellphone with ColorOS 12.1 which instead displays a message that the PIN cannot be obtained to email when pressing the . button Forgot PIN. But I was told by the system to contact Service Center OPPO nearby for repair by a qualified technician.

As an alternative, like it or not, you have to do a Factory Reset in order to be able to access the OPPO phone again. Unfortunately all data must be given up if no backup is done because this process will delete data.

Reset with Recovery Mode

  • Turn off OPPO phone
  • Press the button volume down + power simultaneously until the OPPO logo appears on the screen
  • Release the power button while still pressing vvolume down
  • Later it will appear Recovery Mode if it succeed
  • Use button power to select menus and buttons volume for navigation between menus
  • Select the menu Wipe Data
  • Select the menu Format Data
  • Wait until the process is complete

Doing a Factory Reset is certainly very annoying so you should write down the PIN code on paper that is stored in a safe place just in case. Meanwhile, you can also save the PIN code in a password storage application that can be accessed via the internet.

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