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How to Unlock a Forgotten Android Phone Using Several Methods

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Gadgetren – The more you come here, the harder it is to open your Android phone when you forget your password.

Google is always improving security support through various updates. In fact, some of the built-in support that used to allow us to do this has also been removed.

Including one of them is the unlock feature on the Find My Device service made by Google. On phones with Android 4.4 system and below, we used to be able to find the option to Forgot pattern after trying to unlock the device with the wrong password.

Unfortunately this feature is no longer available in the new version. The method to make the lock screen an error can only be used on phones running Android 5.0 to 5.1.1 systems and will not work the way we want.

The loss of some of these features and methods can certainly make us more confused when suddenly forgetting the password from an Android phone. However, that does not mean there are no other solutions.

How to Unlock Android Phone When Forgot Password

Using the Samsung Find Mobile Service

  • Go to page via the browser on another device
  • Tap Sign in
  • Login using your Samsung Account
  • If you have multiple devices, choose the most suitable one
  • Tap the menu Unlock
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Lucky if we use a cellphone made by Samsung. Although most platforms remove the Unlock feature to unlock the lock screen via the internet, the company’s device locator service still provides it.

It’s just that, we do need to set it first through the page Settings > Lock screen and security (Biometrics and security) > Find My Mobile. Don’t forget to activate the option Remote controls. Otherwise it will be free.

Apart from that, we also need a Samsung Account that has been tethered to the device’s Find My Mobile settings. You can find and recover the password first if you forget it.

Keep in mind, this method only applies to cellphones made by Samsung. Other companies do have Find My Device support but they don’t have an Unlock feature that can be used to unlock the lock screen.

Using the Forgot pattern or Forgot PIN feature

  • Activate cell phone
  • Enter random PIN or pattern repeatedly
  • Usually after the fifth try, an option will appear Forgot pattern or Forgot PIN
  • Select the option
  • Sign in with the appropriate Google account
  • Tap Sign-in

As we explained earlier, Android 4.4 and below have the Forgot pattern or Forgot PIN option. We can also use it to open a cellphone that has forgotten the password if the device is still running the old system.

Using ADB

Android phones are generally equipped with ADB (Android Debugging) functions to make it easier for developers to test their systems or applications. We can also use this feature to unlock the device.

But keep in mind that this feature can only be used if the ADB settings on the device are enabled. In some methods, we can only use it on phones that have been rooted.

Due to the high risk, we certainly do not recommend this method. Even if you want to keep using ADB to unlock the lock screen of your Android phone, then you should leave the process to someone who is more skilled.

Phone Factory Reset

  • Turn off the cellphone
  • Enter to mode recovery
  • Choose an option Wipe data/Factory Reset
  • Wait for the factory reset process to run
  • Select the menu Reboot if the cellphone does not enter the main system automatically

Performing a factory reset can be the last resort if the previous steps haven’t resolved the issue. It’s just that by taking this option, all data on the cellphone will also be deleted.

The cellphone will return to the way it was when we first bought it. We also need to reset several things such as adding accounts, installing the required applications, to recovering deleted data.

To enter recovery mode, each cellphone certainly has its own way. Generally we can do this by pressing the button at the same time Power with one of the between Volume above or down.

In recovery mode, the interface of each cellphone can also be different. Some support the touch screen function but some don’t so we need to use Volume buttons to change the selection and Power to confirm it.

Using the Remote Erase Function

  • Go to page via browser
  • Make sure you’re logged in with the same Google account on your phone
  • Once detected, select the appropriate device
  • Tap the button Erase Device
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  • Confirm by button Erase Device one more time

If you have trouble using the factory reset above, you can also take advantage of the Google Find My Device remote wipe function. This method will later also erase all data so we need to do the same initial settings.

To be successful, we just need to make sure that the Google account that we are using is linked to the Find My Device settings on the device. The settings can be found on the page Google (Google Settings) > Security if the phone is not locked.

If we also forget the password of the account we are using, then of course we need to recover it first. Only then can you use it to perform a remote reset from Google’s device finder service.

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