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How to Turn TikTok Videos into MP3s for Easier Listening

Gadgetren – As a short video-based social network, the TikTok application has presented a variety of interesting and unique videos that have been created by its users.

At some point you will surely come across a video with an interesting song, motivational words, or interesting conversation on TikTok. Next, you want to download the video so that you can enjoy it offline without having to access TikTok at all.

In addition, you may only want to listen to the sound of the video without the presence of an image because you want to be heard when you are relaxing or want to sleep. By default, TikTok does not provide a feature to directly download videos as sound.

But you don’t need to worry because you can use third-party sites such as TikTok Downloader so you can directly download videos that are in MP3 format, aka sound only.

Cara Download TikTok MP3

  • Find TikTok videos to download as MP3s
  • In the video, press the button Share which has an arrow icon to the right
  • Press the button Other
  • Furthermore, translate video link TikTok by pressing the icon of the two boxes next to itTikTok - Download MP3 - 1
  • Then open the site TikTok Downloader via browser
  • Enter copied link earlier on column provided
  • Press the button Get video
  • Press Download audio next to Audio Only . type
  • Wait until the download process is complete
  • You can view the MP3 file through the application File Manager on mobile
    TikTok - Download MP3 - 2

Of course, the downloaded MP3 file will only be in the form of sound so you can listen to it anywhere and anytime without the need to access the TikTok application or have an internet connection.

In addition, you can share it with friends via chat applications, email, or other social networks. You can also move it to other storage or devices like a regular MP3 file.

In addition, the TikTok Downloader site can also be used to download TikTok videos without presenting the uploader’s name watermark. We all know that by default TikTok will provide a watermark of the uploader’s name when downloaded directly through the application.

By using TikTok Downloader, you can download videos more freely without the presence of a watermark. Of course, downloaded videos can also be enjoyed offline without the need for internet access at all.

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