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How to Turn Photos into Black Shadows in CapCut to Make them Look Attractive

Gadgetren – The CapCut application made by Byte Dance, which is also the developer of TikTok, is a video editing service that provides a variety of tools and features that are easy to use.

CapCut can also be used not only on Android devices, but also iOS for the iPhone line.

Of course, you are also familiar with using the CapCut application if you often create video content on TikTok, Reels Instagram, or YouTube.

In addition to making short videos, in this application you can also collect various recordings to be combined into an interesting long video. Even the CapCut application allows you to edit photos.

One of them creates a black shadow on a photo that displays a person’s image object. With the tools available in the CapCut app, you can easily create black shadows on your photos or other people’s.

The black shadow in the photo is a reflection of the person in the photo so that it gives the impression of a lively and interesting photo. To be able to create a black shadow on a photo, you need to know what tools in CapCut to use.

How to Turn Photos into Black Shadows in CapCut

That way the shadow effect will be behind the object or person who is standing. You can rearrange the created black shadow effect to make it fit better and look more like the original shadow.

In addition to creating black shadows on people, you can also create black shadows on other objects such as trees, branches, twigs, hills, motorcycles, bicycles, and much more.

You can get various black shadows that match the object in the specified photo. Then you can also adjust the level of the shadow to be very black or thin, only black and white to make it look natural.

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