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How to Turn on the OPPO Mobile Screen Without the Power Button Practically

Gadgetren – The Power button is one of the vital buttons that is usually always accessed on OPPO phones because it has various functions.

The most important role of the Power button is of course to be used to turn on or turn off the cellphone.

In addition, this button can also be used to activate the screen from a rest state. But it’s good to reduce the use of the power button so that it is not continuously pressed to make it more durable.

Given its vital function, of course you can’t cut down on the use of the Power button as if it was just to turn on the screen.

On OPPO phones, you can take advantage of several gesture features that function to turn on the device screen from a resting state.

How to turn on the screen without the power button

Via Double-Tap Wake Up

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO phone
  • In column Search on the application page, type keywords wake
  • Select Double-Tap to wake
  • Press the toggle button Double-tap to wake or turn off screen to the active position
  • You can try turning on the screen by double tapping the screen with your finger

The use of the wake keyword in the Search column will make you find the menu faster because the position of the Double-tap to wake feature page sometimes varies in several versions of ColorOS.

But if you don’t want to keep tapping the screen, you can also take advantage of another, more subtle feature called Raise to Wake Up.

Melalui Raise to Wake Up

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO phone
  • In column Search on the application page, type keywords wake
  • Select the menu Raise to wake
  • Press the toggle button Raise to wake to the on position
  • Later the screen will turn on every time you pick up the cellphone

Compared to Double-Tap to Wake, Raise to wake is indeed more practical because you only need to swing the phone screen when you want to see notifications or incoming calls.

Meanwhile, if you use an OPPO smartphone with a fingerprint sensor on the screen, you can activate the biometric feature because it will automatically turn on the screen.

Enable In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

  • App access Settings on OPPO phone
  • Select the menu Password & Security
  • Next, select menu Fingerprint
  • You will be asked to generate a security key like PIN, Passwordor Pattern first if you haven’t arranged it yet
  • After the security key is generated, press the button Add on the pop-up menu Add fingerprint?
  • Register fingerprint on the virtual key provided
  • Male until all parts of the fingerprint are scanned

Later you just press and put your finger on the fingerprint sensor so that the screen immediately turns on. In addition to being able to turn on the screen, you will also immediately unlock the screen so that it enters the Home screen of the cellphone.

In my opinion, the three methods are very easy to use even for ordinary users to turn on the OPPO cellphone screen without using the Power button at all. But again, keep in mind that the on-screen fingerprint sensor is only available on some OPPO phones.

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