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How to Turn On and Off Xiaomi Screen with a Tap Without a Button

Gadgetren – One of the features that I like from various kinds of today’s cellphones is support for turning off or on the screen display with a finger tap gesture.

With this feature, I can make it more practical to turn off my cellphone screen when I’m in a hurry. Slightly more concise because we don’t need to move our fingers sideways and expend energy to press physical buttons.

I can then also use this feature to temporarily turn on the screen. For example, to check incoming notifications, be it WhatsApp, email, Google Chat, or other services.

We can find the feature of turning on and off the screen with a tap on most of the popular cellphone models. This includes devices made by Xiaomi running the MIUI interface.

On most Xiaomi cellphones, this feature can generally be used immediately. It’s just that if you can’t then we need to activate the settings manually as in the following steps.

How to Turn On and Off Xiaomi Mobile Screen with a Tap

  • Enter page Settings
  • Open the settings menu Lock screen
  • Look for options Double tap to wake or turn off screen when device is locked
  • Make sure the setting button next to it is lit
    How to turn on the Xiaomi cellphone screen with a tap without a button

After activating these settings, the feature of turning off and on the display with a tap can be used immediately. Both can be done by double tapping on an empty area or while the screen is off.

But keep in mind that specifically for the feature to turn off the screen with a double tap on Xiaomi mobile phones, it can only be used when we install the default launcher. If you use a third party application such as Nova Launcher or Microsoft Launcher will not be able to.

In addition, each cellphone model usually uses a different MIUI version where the interface for displaying the settings page is quite different. We may therefore need to adjust some of the steps above.

On some cellphones, for example, we may not find settings Lock screen but Always-on display & Lock screen. Option Double tap to wake or turn off screen when device is locked not infrequently just written Double tap to wake or turn off screen.

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