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How to turn off the Comedy Play Wallpaper on a Xiaomi cellphone if you feel annoyed

Gadgetren – Together with the development of the MIUI system interface, the Xiaomi company is trying to present a variety of excellent features to equip its devices.

Even getting here, the features offered are even more complete. That’s why we will now find various additional functions in the MIUI interface which can be used to make various daily activities easier.

Through the MIUI 12.5 update, the mobile phone company from China, one of them, added a feature that is often referred to as Comedy Play Wallpaper if we translate it.

For those of you who don’t know, Comedy Play Wallpaper allows us to set a lock screen display with HD quality images that will change automatically every day to display new content.

Although it can be quite useful, unfortunately, some users are not always happy to use the various superior features of the MIUI interface. For Comedy Play Wallpaper, fortunately we can turn it off if we have already activated it.

How to Turn off Xiaomi’s Comedy Play Wallpaper Feature

  • Go to page Settings
  • Find and enter the settings menu Lock screen or Always-on display & Lock screen
  • Tap the menu Wallpaper Carousel in the Lock screen section
  • Turn off the button Turn on to turn off the Comedy Roll WallpaperHow To Turn Off Xiaomi Comedy Roll Wallpaper - 1
  • Choose one of the reasons why you want to turn off the Comedy Play Wallpaper feature
  • Confirm by tapping Turn off

Keep in mind that the Comedy Play Wallpaper icon may still appear on the lock screen even though we have turned off the function. If you want to completely get rid of it then we need to remove the application.

Removed the Comedy Carousel Wallpaper Feature

  • Reload the page Settings
  • Enter the menu About phone
  • Open the settings menu Storage
  • Click a section Apps and data
    How To Turn Off Xiaomi Comedy Play Wallpaper - 2
  • Find and select an application Wallpaper Carousel
  • Tap the button Uninstall app
  • Confirm by pressing OK
    How To Turn Off Xiaomi Comedy Play Wallpaper - 3

After deleting it, the Comedy Play Wallpaper icon will also disappear from the lock screen. If you want to use it again, then we need to reinstall the application manually.

Until the time this article was published, the Xiaomi default application was unfortunately not yet available on the Indonesian Google Play Store. We also need to download it from a third party service like APKMiror by selecting the desired version.

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