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How to turn off the autocorrect feature on a vivo cellphone if you feel disturbed

Gadgetren – Today’s Android phones, including the Vivo brand, have been supported by a keyboard that has the Autocorrect feature to make it easier for users to speed up typing correctly.

With the Autocorrect feature, the system will automatically provide correct spelling of words that are spelled correctly.

For example, you write Meaning, then it will automatically be corrected to Eat Although the Autocorrect feature is useful, sometimes some people feel uncomfortable because the correction of the words is not what they want.

Like when you write abbreviations or slang when exchanging messages with other people, the Autocorrect system actually gives you unwanted words. If the word change is done automatically wrong, it actually makes us have to delete it and type it again.

This of course makes us work twice. Problems like this are what make some people lazy to use the Autocorrect feature and prefer to type manually without any automatic features that don’t really interfere with their activities on Vivo cellphones.

Fortunately, we can turn off the Autocorrect feature on vivo phones very easily.

How to turn off autocorrect on vivo phones

  • Open desired app (chat, social media, browser or other)
  • Aim column for write down the words
  • When keyboard virtual appears, then select the button Menu berikon four boxes
  • On page Menu, select option More
  • On page Setting, select the button Input
  • Next, press toggle option Auto-correction until dead position or non-active
    vivo - Autocorrect

After the Auto-correction option is disabled, the auto-correction of words will no longer appear when you type in various applications. Of course this helps some people who are not familiar with the Autocorrect feature.

In addition to Autocorrect, the Auto-prediction feature actually also feels annoying for some people because it will predict words that are likely to be written by us after a few letters are typed.

Sometimes the words we want will be different from the words that are raised by the Auto prediction feature. That way, if you don’t like the automatic correction and prediction of words, you should also turn off the Autocorrect and Auto-prediction features.

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