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How to turn off talkback on realme cellphones if you feel disturbed

Gadgetren – the Android-based realme UI that is present on realme phones has provided various features to help the daily needs of its users.

Meanwhile, the realme UI is also equipped with the Talkback feature which can help low-vision or blind users to easily access menus and applications.

Talkback will make the system present a voice every time the user selects the menu. For example, if you select a menu or application, the voice will read out the pressed text.

So users have to press twice every time they choose a menu, tool, or application so that blind or blind users can find out what they have chosen. This is of course when Talkback is disabled which only needs to be pressed once.

Likewise, when users want to scroll pages, such as in browser applications and YouTube, they need to swipe the screen using two fingers at once rather than one finger. Meanwhile, to open Quick Settings and Notifications, users must swipe the screen from the top to the bottom using two fingers.

But of course this will feel a little annoying for general users who are used to using cellphones without TalkBack. So, those of you who want to disable the TalkBack feature on realme phones can follow these steps.

How to turn off talkback on realme mobile

  • Double tap the app Settings on realme mobile
  • Double press menu Additional Settings
  • Next, double press menu Accessibility
  • Then press tombol toggle twice on part TalkBack
  • If you have been to dead position, then the navigation will return to normal

After the TalkBack menu turns off, you can automatically navigate your phone, access menus, or create applications normally with just one tap. In addition, the sound was no longer heard.

However, if there is a difference in the menu in the Settings application on the realme cellphone, then you only need to type the TalkBack keyword in the Search column and usually the menu will appear immediately making it easier for you to turn off the feature.

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