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How to turn off iPhone keyboard vibration for those of you who aren’t used to it

Gadgetren – If you feel disturbed by the vibration that appears when typing using the keyboard on an iPhone with iOS 16 system, we can turn it off in a very easy way.

After a long time, Apple has finally pinned the vibration function for the iPhone’s built-in keyboard. They did this through the iOS 16 update some time ago which offers a variety of new features and support.

With this vibration function, typing with the iPhone’s built-in keyboard will certainly create a slightly different experience. Some people may find it helpful but others can be quite annoyed.

Feedback in the form of vibration can indeed help us determine whether the letter keys on the keyboard have been touched properly or not. But if you’re not used to it, typing can feel uncomfortable, especially for those of us who are sensitive to it.

Along with this new support for the iPhone, Apple is thankfully pinning down an easy-to-use setup. Those of you who want to turn off keyboard vibration even just need to follow these few steps.

How to Turn Off iPhone Keyboard Vibration

  • Open Settings
  • Enter the menu Sounds & Haptics
  • Click settings Keyboard Feedback
  • Turn off option Haptic

After turning off the Haptic option using the steps above, the vibration when tapping the letter keys on the iPhone’s built-in keyboard should no longer appear. Typing can also feel like before.

But keep in mind that the above method applies to the iPhone’s default keyboard. If we take advantage of support from third-party services like Google Keyboard (Gboard) or SwiftKey, we need a quite different method.

For example for Gboard, we can turn off the vibration function directly from the application. We in this case can enter the menu Keyboard settings then turn off the option Enable haptic feedback on key press.

As additional information, turning off the vibration function on the iPhone itself can not only make the typing process feel more comfortable for some people. But in particular it can also save device battery.

The motor used to create vibrations usually requires a lot of energy. So in theory it can reduce the power consumption of the related device if it is turned off or not used very often.

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