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How to turn off Instagram Reply Stories so you don’t get distracted

Gadgetren – Instagram is a place where most of its users share their daily moments through its various features such as Feed, Instagram Story, Reel, IG TV, and Live.

But there are times when uploads on Instagram do not always inform happy news such as containing news of condolences and so on.

For such content, we are usually not comfortable receiving comments or replies openly. Therefore, to maintain the privacy of its users, Instagram has also created a special feature in its settings that allows Instagram Stories to not be replied to by followers, viewers, or certain accounts that see it.

To turn off Reply Story, we can do it directly in the account settings section. After turning off Reply Story, the consequence is that friends or followers who see your Instagram Story will not be able to reply.

You can activate these settings for a long period of time according to your needs. If you change your mind and want to open Reply Story, then you have to turn on the feature in the same settings.

How to turn off Instagram Reply Stories

Besides being able to turn off Instagram Story replies, you can also disable comments in your account’s feed if needed. To disable the comment field so that users don’t write unwanted things, you also have to go through the Settings menu or Settings and Privacy.

Then select the Comments menu or comments. In the comments menu, you can choose which accounts are not allowed to comment on the Feed. To protect user privacy, Instagram also provides other features such as setting mentions so that other people cannot tag photos, videos, Reels, or Instagram Stories which aims to make users more comfortable playing social media.

If the content of the upload is related to things that are not good, then the feature cannot tag other users so that it will not disturb and make the mind calmer.

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