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How to Turn Off Google Chrome Notifications that Keep Appearing on Mobile

Gadgetren – When you use a cellphone Android of course by default the browser application made by Google is installed, namely Chrome.

Besides being available on cellphones since it was first turned on, Google Chrome also has good performance for accessing various sites available on the internet.

To provide the latest information to its users, sometimes Chrome pops up notifications from several sites such as information, the latest content updates, and more to Android phones.

But there are times when notifications from Google Chrome actually feel annoying, either because there are too many or the content is inappropriate. Luckily you can turn off Google Chrome notifications so they no longer appear.

How to Turn Off Google Chrome Notifications on Android

Via Google Chrome

  • Open the app Google Chrome on cellphone
  • On the main page, press the button Options berikon three dots at the top right
  • On the pop-up menu that appears, select Menu Settings
    Chrome - Turn Off Notifications - Apps - 1
  • Then scroll and select menu Notifications
  • Press tombol toggle Allow notifications to the off position
    Chrome - Turn Off Notifications - Apps - 2

After the Allow notifications feature is deactivated, Chrome will automatically not display notifications from all sites on both the Home Screen and Lock Screen pages.

But actually you are also given the choice of appearing Chrome notifications between on the Home Screen or Lock Screen only. Meanwhile, when it is displayed on the Lock Screen, you can also set it so that the information is not displayed immediately.

Through the Settings Application

  • Open the app Settings
  • Select the menu Notifications & Status Bar
  • Press the button toggle Chrome to the dead position on the part App notifications
    Chrome - Turn Off Notifications - Settings

You could say disabling Chrome notifications through the Settings application is faster than having to access the Google Chrome application first. Meanwhile, if you want to turn off Chrome notifications on your iPhone, then the steps needed are of course different.

How to Turn Off Google Chrome Notifications on iPhone

  • Open the app Settings on iPhones
  • Select the menu Notifications
  • Select Chrome
  • Press tombol toggle Allow notification the off position

Furthermore, the iPhone will no longer show Google Chrome notifications at all. Of course, you will avoid notifications that appear from unimportant sites or advertisements.

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