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How to turn off Google Assistant for those of you who feel disturbed

The Gadget – Google Assistant Service does offer a variety of useful support to users who rely on mobile phones with the Android operating system in them.

By using this service, we can not only get answers to various questions but also set up and run routines automatically, run applications, make calls, and control smart devices.

Not to mention, Google is constantly developing its capabilities. This includes improving the intelligence system in it so that it can adapt to us or the devices we use.

Although very useful, not everyone needs this service. There are even some of us who actually want to turn it off for certain reasons such as protecting privacy data.

Turning off the Google Assistant service on Android phones is fortunately not as complicated as we think. If you want to do this, you can follow these steps.

How to Turn Off Google Assistant

  • Open the app Google
  • Tap profile picture in the top right corner
  • Click button Settings
  • Enter the settings menu Google Assistant
    How to Turn Off Google Assistant - 1
  • Search and open section General
  • Turn off the slide next to the option Google Assistant
  • Confirm by tapping the button Turn off
    How to Turn Off Google Assistant - 2

After turning off Google Assistant in the way above, the various kinds of support it offers will also be disabled. Services for example will no longer respond when we say “Hey Google” or OK Google”.

Features related to Google Assistant will not be available either. So if one day you want to use it again, we need to activate this service by turning on the slide button on the General page. The steps are similar as above.

How to Turn Off “Hey Google” Voice Commands in Google Assistant

  • Open the settings menu for Google Assistant as previously
  • Go to section Hey Google & Voice Match
  • Turn off setting button for Hey Google
  • Click OK if the information window appears
    How to Turn Off Google Assistant - 3

Well, if we are only bothered by the Google Assistant pop-up window which is often triggered by voice commands by accident, then there is no need to turn it off. We just need to disable the “Hey Google” option which is the trigger.

That way, we can still use other features of this service without the need to disable and then activate the settings repeatedly. Some of us can still access the Google Assistant window easily by pressing the Home button for a few moments.

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