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How to turn off data roaming on Xiaomi cellphones so that credit is safe while abroad

Gadgetren – Roaming services available at various operators can indeed be very helpful when we are traveling abroad where their network generally does not reach them.

With the servicewe will still be able to use our cellphones to call, send SMS, or surf the internet because the operator will borrow other available networks there.

To use this service, unfortunately, there will be an additional fee. The rates charged will therefore be more expensive than when calling, sending SMS, or accessing the internet with the operator’s original network.

The good news is that various types of cell phones on the market generally support settings to turn off the data roaming option. So internet services will not be immediately active and just drain credit when we are outside the operator network used.

Support for turning off the data roaming option is also available on cellphones made by Xiaomi. As for those of you who don’t know how to use it, here are the steps you can take.

How to Turn Off Data Roaming on Xiaomi Mobile

  • Enter page Settings on cellphone
  • Click the menu SIM cards & mobile networks
  • Go to section Advanced settings
    How to Turn Off Data Roaming on Xiaomi - 1
  • Tap settings Data roaming
  • Click International roaming
  • Set to options Never
    How to Turn Off Data Roaming on Xiaomi - 2

By changing the International roaming setting to Never, the operator will not immediately switch services to another network when their own is not available. So credit will remain safe or bills can be controlled.

It’s just that instead, internet services from related operators will not be used. We may need to look for other alternatives, such as connecting cellphones to public WiFi networks so we can still communicate.

If you still want to connect to the operator’s cellular internet service, we can change the settings back International roaming the Always. But don’t forget to buy a special roaming package to save more.

Apart from that, we can also set a daily usage limit so that it doesn’t break. We in this case just need to activate the option Set daily data limit while roaming then resize the data on the menu Size on the same page to do it.

A little remind, the display interface of every MIUI version usually it will vary. We may therefore need to adapt some of the steps above on some models of phones made by Xiaomi to make it work.

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