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How to turn off data for WhatsApp on a vivo cellphone to make it look offline

Gadgetren – Turning off data can indeed be an option that can be done if we don’t want to be disturbed by various kinds of notifications from WhatsApp on our cellphones without the need to uninstall them.

In some models such as mobile phones made by vivo through its Funtouch OS system interface, we will also find features that can be used to block data usage for each application.

Instead of turning off the cellular data connection for all applications installed on the cellphone, we can use it to block WhatsApp and make the service offline for a while.

So we can still work or do activities using the internet network from our cellphones without the need to rush to reply to conversations from WhatsApp messages that we sometimes don’t want.

To turn off WhatsApp data on a vivo cellphone, there are several methods that can be used. Those of you who have never known it can take a look at it in more detail in the following steps.

How to turn off data for WhatsApp on vivo mobile

Through i Manager

  1. Open the app i Manager in vivo mobile
  2. Search and select Data Monitor
  3. Select Network management
  4. Look for the WhatsApp application in the tab Data network nor Wi-Fi
  5. Turn off data usage permission on both

Each model and version of the operating system does not rule out the possibility that it will have a different interface. Therefore, we sometimes need to adjust the steps above to make it work.

Apart from going through i Manager, we can also open the Network management page to turn off data connection access for each application via settings. Exactly on the Settings > Network & Internet.

Via App manager

  1. Go to page Settings
  2. Search and open Apps
  3. Click See all apps if needed
  4. Look for WhatsApp
  5. Click the application
  6. Open the menu Mobile data and Wi-Fi
  7. Turn off the data access permission

With the above two steps, WhatsApp should not be able to gain data access to the internet. So if you want to reuse the service, don’t forget to activate re-licensing from the same page.

In addition to turning off data, we can also force WhatsApp to stop if we don’t want to be disturbed by notifications. We in this case can turn the page Settings > Apps > See all apps > WhatsApp then tap the button Force stop.

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