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How to turn off application notifications for those of you who feel disturbed

Gadgetren – Notifications are one of the important features in a device because it allows us to always get the latest notifications from various applications.

Without this feature, we might miss a number of things, starting from the contents of short messages, content updates, e-commerce orders, calls, video calls, to events that we want to follow. Even though we sometimes can’t miss one of them.

Even so, we can’t rule out that the notification feature isn’t necessarily needed by some people. Notifications from a number of applications sometimes even feel annoying when they keep appearing.

Muting the device, turning it into vibrate mode, or activating the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature can indeed be a solution if you don’t want to be distracted for a while. However, did you know that we can actually turn off app notifications now?

Via update Android 10 operating system to the top, we can now find custom settings for notifications. We can also use it to turn off notifications from unwanted applications.

How to turn off app notifications

Via Notification Settings

  • Visit page Settings
  • Find and open the settings menu Notifications
  • Enter to App notifications
  • Find the app whose notifications you want to turn off
  • Turn off the settings button for the application
    How to Turn Off HP Notifications - 1

Apart from using the method above, we can also turn off notifications directly via the info page of the related application. You can open it as if you wanted to clear data or cache but with a few adjustments.

Through the Application Info Page

  • Enter page Settings
  • Go to the manager menu Apps
  • Find the app you want to disable notifications for
  • Tap on the app
  • Click the settings menu Notifications
  • Turn off the button Show notifications
    How to Turn Off HP Notifications - 2

By using any of the methods above, notifications from the associated app will be disabled. Notifications from it will not appear in the status bar, notification bar, or as a pop-up window.

Just keep in mind that we may need to adapt some of the steps from the two methods above. This is because each company has its own system interface which usually has a slightly different appearance and layout.

Even within one line of cellphones from the same company can be very different. The version of each installed system interface matters a lot as updates sometimes bring a number of changes.

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