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How to Turn Off and Re-enable the Comments Field on YouTube If Disturbed

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Gadgetren – YouTube is equipped with various features that can make it easier for content creators to interact with fans, one of which is the comment column.

Comments from fans are quite necessary, especially if we are just starting a YouTube channel. We will find out later because it will be easier to find out people’s interests or opinions to the shortcomings of the content we upload.

That way, the channel we are building can develop in a better direction. And in the end we can more easily monetize it to get an additional or even main source of income.

Unfortunately, YouTube is a service with a free ecosystem where anyone can express what they want. There is no limit for someone to comment on a video so that sometimes they write all kinds of negative things.

YouTube fortunately offers a setting option that can be used to turn the comments field off and on as desired. We can set it via a computer or mobile phone as follows.

How to Turn Off and Enable Comments on YouTube

Via Computer

  • Open browser
  • Visit page
  • Login using the account associated with the associated YouTube channel
  • After logging in, go to the tab Content (the Play button icon) in the left menu
  • Tap the video you want to set
  • Scroll down the page Video Details
  • Search section Audience
  • Tap the button Show More underneath
  • Search section Comments and ratings
  • Change settings to options Disable comments to turn off comments
  • Change settings to options Allow all comments to reactivate it
  • Press the button Save in the upper right corner if you have

If you use YouTube Studio on a computer, you can also turn off or activate the comment field for multiple videos at once. So no need to bother doing it one by one.

To do so, we just need to check the video in the tab Content or use options Select all. Then next tap the button Edit at the top then choose Comments.

We can also set the comments column as needed. Just like in the single video, we can change the settings to options Disable comments or Allow all comments then press the button Update Videos to do it.

Via Mobile

  • Install the YouTube Studio app
  • Open the app and log in with the appropriate account
  • Enter the tab Content
  • Tap the button More options (three dots icon) on the video in question
  • Choose an option Edit video from the menu that appears
    How to Turn off and Enable YouTube Comments - 1
  • Tap More options
  • Click the menu Comments
  • Change settings to Allow all comments or Disable comments according to the needs
    How to Turn off and Enable YouTube Comments - 2

The YouTube Studio application itself can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices. We can find it directly from the page Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store according to what is used.

If you use the YouTube Studio application on your cellphone, unfortunately you can’t set the comment field for multiple videos at once. We have to be patient and do it one by one if we can’t access the computer.

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