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How to Turn an Ordinary WA WhatsApp Into a Business Account

Gadgetren – WhatsApp as an application-based messaging service is now widely used by people to communicate, such as chat, phone and video calls, to send other documents.

WhatsApp also has interesting features and has added several new features, one of which is a service for small businesses called WhatsApp Business or WA Business.

WA Bisnis provides a different application from the usual WhatsApp which can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Released in 2018, WA Bisnis is able to provide a private messaging service between businesses and customers in a simple and easy-to-use manner.

Meanwhile, customers can directly ask if they are interested in the product in question. With WA Bisnis, sellers can market their products to communicate with customers without having to meet in person.

For a business actor, having a special contact number that can be contacted is mandatory, so they must have a separate number that uses WA Business because there are many features available to help with sales, such as automatic message features, message statistics, to product catalog features along with prices.

It can even include the business name, logo, business category, product web URL link, company description, include, location, and operating or work schedule. So there are many advantages if you change your regular account to WhatsApp Business.

But before that, you should back up conversations on your WhatsApp account so that the existing history isn’t mixed up or lost.

How to Turn Regular WhatsApp Into a Business Account

  • download WhatsApp Business on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • After it’s finished installing, enter the WA Business application.
  • Tap the button Agree and Continue.
  • Select Use the number on the regular WA account.
  • Select Carry on to move chat history, media, contact information, allow access to photos, contacts, media, and files on the device.
  • Select Allow it.
  • Wait a moment for data transfer.
  • Then input Business name.
  • Select Business Category and tap Carry on.
  • Make Catalog with the tap of a button Start.
  • Set up weekly, monthly or yearly chat backups with connected Google Drive.

After WhatsApp Business is created, the WhatsApp application that is connected to the same number will automatically become unusable. As with regular WhatsApp, Business accounts can also send photos, videos, documents, record sound, create statuses, create or join groups, and have end-to-end encryption security.

The difference between Business WA and regular WA lies in the logo where Business WA has the letter B on the logo. WA Bisnis also provides a QR Code to make it easier for users to quickly share links to their customers and a Business Account label will also be printed near the profile photo.

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