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How to Transfer Data from an Old HP to OPPO Quickly Via WiFi Direct

Gadgetren – Sometimes you buy a cell phone OPPO to support daily activities ranging from entertainment, study, work, and others.

That way you also have to rest your old cellphone because it might not be needed anymore. But of course it will be a hassle when moving the data that is already in it manually.

To make it easy, you can take advantage of a feature developed by OPPO called Clone Phone to speed up data migration between devices.

By default, OPPO cellphones already have the Clone Phone feature which can be found on the Home Screen page. Meanwhile, for other brands of mobile phones, you can download it first on the Google Play Store.

Clone Phone has the ability to migrate data from old cellphones to OPPO in just an instant with an easy process.

Even various types of data such as SMS, Call History, Applications, Contacts, Songs, Photos, Videos, and Documents can be transferred at once without having to do it manually.

Clone Phone makes use of technology WiFi Direct so it has a fast data transfer rate. However, the estimated time will still vary depending on the size and amount of data being transferred.

How to Transfer Data from Old Mobile to OPPO

Pengaturan Clone Phone

  • On the new OPPO mobile, activate the application Clone Phone which is in the folder Tools on page Home Screen.
    OPPO - Migration Data - New Phone - 1
  • Select the device type This is the New Device on the new OPPO cellphone
    OPPO - Migration Data - New Phone - 2
  • On Page Migrate data from there will be several options like OPPO, realme, or OnePlus beside there Other Androidor iPhone
  • Select the option according to the type of old cellphone.
  • I choose OPPO, realme, or, OnePlus because the old cellphone is also the OPPO brand
    OPPO - Migration Data - New Phone - 3
  • Next, a QR Code appears on the page Connect your devices
    OPPO - Migration Data - New Phone - 4
  • Then on the old cellphone, open the application Clone Phone
    OPPO - Migration Data - Old Phone - 1
  • Select This is the Old Device because this is an old phone
    OPPO - Migration Data - Old Phone - 2
  • Point the old cellphone camera at QR Code that appears on new OPPO mobile phones
    OPPO - Migration Data - Old Phone - 3
  • Make sure the QR Code can be scanned
    OPPO - Migration Data - Old Phone - 4
  • Later details will appear and the amount of data that can be migrated to OPPO’s new cellphone
    OPPO - Migration Data - Old Phone - 5
  • After all the data is selected, then press the button Start Migration
    OPPO - Migration Data - Old Phone - 6
  • On the pop-up menu Continue MigrationPress the button Continue
    OPPO - Migration Data - Old Phone - 7
  • Then the data transfer process will begin
  • Wait until the process is complete
    OPPO - Migration Data - Old Phone - 8
  • Press the button Done on the Transfer completed page to complete it
    OPPO - Migration Data - Old Phone - 9

After completing the data migration process, you can check whether all the data has been successfully transferred from the old phone to the new OPPO phone.

Meanwhile, if the old Android phone is another brand that is not OPPO, Realme and OnePlus, you need to first install the Clone Phone application from the page

Later you will download the APK file from the Clone Phone application and then install it on your cellphone. Of course the steps are almost the same as above.

But the difference is you have to choose Other Android on Pages Migrate data form. In fact, thanks to using WiFi Direct technology, the process of transferring data from old cellphones to new OPPO cellphones can be very fast.

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