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How To Top Up TikTok Coins To Top Up Your Balance Before Sending Gifts

Gadgetren – Although there is no ad monetization like Google AdSense, TikTok gives its users the freedom to make money with various methods.

One of the most popular monetizations used by TikTok users is to do live discussions on interesting topics such as games, entertainment, sales, popular news, and much more.

With live, of course, you have the opportunity to get a gift that is worth a few coins and can later be exchanged for money. Meanwhile, as a viewer, you can appreciate live from creators or other users you like by giving gifts.

To be able to give gifts, you need coins that can be purchased by topping up on TikTok with various payment methods. Later you can buy the desired gift according to the number of coins you have.

For example, you can gift Roses with 1 coin, Paper Birds with 99 coins, Castle Fantasy up to 20,000 coins, Lions with 29,999 coins, up to the highest TikTok Universe with 34,999 coins.

Cara Isi Koin TikTok

  • Open TikTok app and log in account
  • On the Home page, press the button Live at the top left of the screen
  • Next, find your favorite creator who is Live
  • Press the button Gift give a gift icon at the bottom right
  • Press the button Recharge on the Gifts page
  • Select number of coins to be purchased and press the Recharge button
  • Press the button 1-tap buy on Google Pay or Buy on Apple Pay according to the cellphone used
    TikTok - Isi Koin
  • Then, enter the PIN or use the fingerprint sensor (if the payment is set with the biometric feature) to process the payment
  • When the payment is successful, the coins will increase

Later, Google or Apple will send proof of purchase transaction to email. However, it should be noted that in addition to having to pay coins at a predetermined price, you will also be added a tax fee of 11%.

The price of each coin varies according to the package determined by TikTok such as 13 coins priced at IDR 3,200, 1,050 coins at IDR 219,000, 7000 coins at IDR 1,649,000, up to 17,500 coins at IDR 4,121,000.

That way it can be concluded that the price of 1 TikTok coin ranges from Rp. 235 to Rp. 246. The larger the package purchased, the cheaper the price applied, such as buying 13 coins at a price of Rp. 3,200, which means Rp. 246 per coin, while 17,500 coins at a price of Rp. 4,121,000 become Rp. 235 per coin.

Once you have coins in your TikTok account, you can immediately exchange them for the desired Gifts and give them directly to creators who are live.

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