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How to Top Up Mobile Legends Using Indosat IM3 Credit To Make It More Practical

The Gadget – Mobile Legends has become one of the games that are widely played by mobile phone users in Indonesia of various ages, both young and old.

Although basically Mobile Legends can be played for free, many players spend money to top up Diamonds so they can buy Heroes, Skins, Items, Subscriptions, and more.

This is what makes Moonton work with various parties to make it easier to Top Up Diamonds in Mobile Legends, such as using credit from the Indosat IM3 operator.

Although you can’t directly use the system from Indosat, you can top up through the Google Play Store or Codashop.

Top Up Mobile Legends with Indosat Credit

Lewat Google Pay

  • Open the Mobile Legends application and login account
  • On the main page, press the button Add Diamond berikon + Diamonds at the top
    Top Up Mobile Legends Indosat - Apps
  • Select Number of Diamonds or the package to buy
    Top Up Mobile Legends Indosat - Apps2
  • On the pop-up menu Google Pay that appears, select a payment method with Indosat Credit
  • Make sure Indosat Credit is enough for purchases
  • Next, press the button Buy with 1-Tap
  • Enter password Gmail account which is usually used on Google Play
  • When finished, you will get a successful payment notification
  • Diamonds will automatically be filled in Mobile Legends

It should be noted that you will also get a payment notification to the email of the Gmail account you are using. As for the total payment, usually the original price will be added with a tax of 11% according to government regulations.

Meanwhile, if your Google Pay system is having problems, then you can try the alternative by Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends using Indosat IM3 credit through third party sites, such as Codashop.

Via Codashop

  • Go to site Codashop Mobile Legends on the browser
  • On the home page, enter User ID Game
  • Select nominal Top Up Diamonds
  • Define payment method with Indosat Credit
  • In column buy, enter email and press button Buy Now
    Top Up Mobile Legends Indosat - Codashop
  • On the billing page, you will be shown the amount of the balance to be paid
  • Enter your Indosat IM3 number
  • Press the Next button
  • You will be sent SMS for payment steps
  • Send BUY followed 3 digit code from SMS to 99288. Example BUY 321
  • Press the button Carry on
  • If successful, the Codashop site will send a notification

Actually entering an email in a payment on Codashop is optional because it is used to send proof of a successful payment. Interestingly, Codashop often presents various promos with bundling Top Up Diamonds so that the price becomes cheaper or adds bonus Diamonds purchased.

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