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How to test IndiHome Mbps to know for sure how much you get

Gadgetren – With a wide range of products it offers, IndiHome can indeed be one of the services to choose from when we want to get high-speed internet access.

This service, which was born from the company Telkom Indonesia, is because it has distributed its products via FO (Fiber Optic) cable connections to various corners of Indonesia.

However, this service unfortunately implements a fair usage limit system or FUP (Fair Usage Policy) to control internet usage within its network. So the access speed can change according to the policies that apply when the quota has been met.

In addition, the IndiHome service is quite familiar with maintenance and interruptions which will usually be followed by a decrease in the quality of the internet network, whether it just slows down until it completely disappears.

How to check the internet speed on the IndiHome network, that’s why it needs to be studied so that we can more easily confirm that. Here’s an explanation of the steps for those of you who can’t yet.

How to Test How Many Mbps IndiHome

Memakai Measurement Lab

  • Open a browser
  • Enter the word Speedtest the column URL
  • Press the button Enter
  • In the search results section a speed tester feature will appear
  • Click button Run Speed Test
  • Wait for the testing process to finish
    How to Check IndiHome Speed ​​- 1

To make it easier for users who want to check their network, Google is working with Measurement Lab to present an internet speed tester service that is displayed on the search results page. We can use it as the step above.

It’s important to remember, the speed tester from Measurement Lab is only available for Google search pages. If the browser used uses another search engine such as Duckduckgo or Bing, this feature will not appear.

Interestingly enough, the internet test results from the Measurement Lab are quite complete. We will later find upload and download speeds, latency, the server used, as well as a description of its capabilities.

Using Speedtest by Ookla

Apart from Measurement Lab’s internet tester, we can also use the Speedtest page developed by Ookla to check IndiHome’s speed. We can access it as a web page like the steps above or take advantage of it developed mobile application.

Memakai Fast by Netflix

  • Enter the browser application
  • Go to page
  • The service will automatically test the internet speed
  • Wait for it to finish
  • Tap the button Show more info to see the test results in more detail
    How to Check IndiHome Speed ​​- 3

Another option, we can use Fast which is developed by Netflix. This internet network testing platform will also provide quite complete information when used to check IndiHome’s speed.

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