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How to temporarily close your IG account when you want to take a break from playing social media

Gadgetren – Many people already have an Instagram account, especially young people who want to always appear following trends and don’t want to be left behind with the latest information.

Playing social media Instagram makes everyone immersed in it from small children to the elderly. Instagram has also become a place where most people express their existence, showcase their work, and sell.

However, playing too much on Instagram is also not good because it is always exposed to light from the screen that can damage the eyes, far from direct social life, so that too much information we get makes us not know which ones are important or not.

Therefore, maybe not a few people decide to take a short break from Instagram by temporarily disabling it. So they can have the space and time to get away from Instagram a little bit first.

Usually users who want to disable Instagram are also caused by having certain activities so that playing Instagram is not so necessary and has an effect on work.

If you need this, then you can temporarily close your Instagram account so you can do important things like focus on work, vacation with family, and the like.

How to Temporarily Close Instagram Account

In addition to being able to temporarily close your Instagram account, you can also close your account permanently. It’s just that you need to access the Help Center menu to do this.

Later you can select Delete Your Account and then follow the given steps. Keep in mind that if you permanently delete your Instagram account, your profile, photos, videos, comments, likes, Instagram stories, and other history will be deleted. It’s different from being temporarily disabled which you can recover at any time.

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