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How to take screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy A71 to capture screenshots

The Gadget – Samsung Galaxy A71 including one of the medium-sized devices that is very interesting because it is equipped with various features and support to help users when on the move.

The cellphone made by Samsung includes a screenshot feature that is easy to use. Even with the specifications it carries, the Galaxy A71 provides more options than some of its siblings.

The superior screenshot feature, Palm swipe to capture, which is available on a limited basis for a number of Samsung devices, is also supported by the Galaxy A71. So taking screenshots can be done more practically and quickly.

Those of us who want to capture a screen display that has a size of more than one page need not worry. Just like cellphones made by Samsung in general, the Galaxy A71 also offers long screenshot options.

So, for those of you who don’t know how to take screenshots on the Galaxy A71 cellphone, here’s a more detailed explanation of several methods that can be used to do it.

Cara Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A71

Physical Button

  • Open the view you want to screenshot
  • Stick your finger on the button Power and Volume Down
  • Press both buttons simultaneously then release
  • A typical shutter sound or screen flicker will appear if successful
  • A screenshot preview image will also be displayed

Like most cellphones, screenshots with physical buttons are also basic support on the Galaxy A71. This method is very easy and practical to use because we don’t need to make any settings.

Screen Swipe Gesture

  • Go to page Settings
  • Tap a section Advanced features
  • Enter the menu Motions and Gestures
  • Confirm option Palm swipe to capture in active condition
  • Close the Settings page and open the view you want to capture
  • Wipe the side of the palm from left to right or vice versa
  • Wait for the screen to flash or to hear the shutter sound
  • If so, a screenshot preview will appear

So that the physical buttons are not easily damaged because they are pressed too often, we can also use the Palm swipe to capture feature as an alternative. It’s just that sometimes it can’t be used right away because we need to activate it first.

Assistant Menu

  • Enter to Settings
  • Open the menu Accessibility
  • Click a section Interaction and dexterity
  • Enable option Assistant menu
  • If so, the Assistant menu floating button will be visible
  • Open the page you want to screenshot
  • Tap the hover button Assistant menu
  • Select Screenshot
  • There will be a distinctive sound of the shutter sounding or the screen flashing if successful
  • A preview image will also appear

Apart from using the Palm swipe to capture feature, cities can also take advantage of the Assistant menu support which not only contains shortcuts for taking screenshots but also several other functions such as the back, home and recent buttons.

Long Screenshots

  • Visit pages that are more than one page in size
  • Take a screenshot using one of the methods above
  • Once the preview image appears, tap menu Scroll Capture (double down arrow icon)
  • Repeat tapping the Scroll Capture menu until all the desired pages have been successfully captured
  • Tap an empty area or let the preview image disappear to end it

Using any method, the screenshot results will be saved to the storage media on the cellphone. We can access it again by using the Gallery or My File application as needed.

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