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How to take screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy A02 through the features provided

Gadgetren – As a cellphone that uses OneUI Core 3.1 based on Android 11, Samsung Galaxy A02 already equipped with several features that can be used to take screenshots.

For those of you who don’t know, screenshot is a feature to take an image captured from the mobile screen. Usually screenshots can be used as proof of transactions, steps for tutorials, media to capture certain moments, and much more.

The Samsung Galaxy A02 also has screenshot support with a physical button combination that is common on all Android-based mobile phones by pressing the Power + Volume Down button simultaneously.

Cara Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A02

Physical Key Combinations

  • Find the area that you will screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A02
  • Press the button Power + Volume Down simultaneously
  • The screen will flash and the shutter sound is heard
  • The screenshot has also been completed
  • Screenshot results can be opened directly through the application Gallery or File Manager

Even though the combination of physical buttons can be done immediately without the need to make settings first on the cellphone made Samsung this, but you don’t use it too often continuously.

We all know that the function of the Power button is very vital because it is often used to turn on or turn on cellphones. Meanwhile, the Volume Down button also has an important task of lowering the volume.

To overcome this, you can use an alternative to take screenshots using the features in Accessibility. But you have to activate this feature first in the Settings application.

Melalui Menu Accessibility

  • Open the app Settings on the Galaxy A02 cellphone
  • Select the menu Accessibility
  • Select an option Interaction and Dexterity
  • Press the toggle button Assistant Menu to the active position
  • Then, menu melayang Accessibility will appear on the screen
  • Find the area that you will screenshot
  • Open the Accessibility floating menu and press the button Screenshot icon with a picture of a mountain in the box
  • Screen flashes or shutter sound indicates that the screenshot was taken successfully
  • You can open the screenshot image results in the application Gallery or File Manager

You could say screenshots using Accessibility are very easy to use because the menu will always float on the screen even if you move or run other applications.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy A02 does not feature a screenshot feature with three fingers or Palm Swipe, so like it or not, you can only choose the two methods above using a combination of physical buttons or accessing the screenshot feature from the Accessibility floating menu.

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