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How to take screenshots on ASUS laptops with various easy methods

Gadgetren – Just like mobile phones, we can also take screenshots on laptops based on Windows systems to capture what is being displayed on the screen in the form of images.

Therefore, it is easier for us to share or store various kinds of information contained in a program, game, video show, social media status, to conversations on chat services.

The screenshot feature is an innate ability of Windows which is generally present on various laptops that run it. Therefore, we can also specifically find such support in ASUS-made devices.

How to use these features in general are almost the same. In this case, there are several methods that can be used and selected as needed if we want to take screenshots on a laptop with a Windows system.

Even though it’s easy, there may still be some of us who can’t use it or don’t know how to access these features. If you are one of them, here is an explanation of how to take screenshots, especially on laptops made by ASUS.

Cara Screenshot Laptop ASUS

Whole Screen

  • Open the view you want to take as a screenshot
  • Press the button Start Windows and Print Screen (PrtSc) on the keyboard at the same time
  • If the screen flashes, the screenshot means it was done successfully

This method is one of the most practical to use. After pressing the Windows Start button and Print Screen simultaneously, a copy of the screenshot image will be saved directly to the laptop storage media.

Those of you who need the results of this screenshot can search through File Explorer. All image copies of screenshots will usually be saved automatically in the folder This PC > Pictures > Screenshots.

Only Certain Program Windows

  • Activate the window of the program you want to immortalize
  • Press together button Alternative (Alt) and Print Screen
  • Open an image or text editing application (eg Microsoft Paint)
  • Create a new file
  • Paste the screenshot by pressing Control (Ctrl) and V together
  • Edit and save images

If you only need a screenshot of a certain program window, then we can use the steps above so that not the entire screen is captured. It’s just that the results will not be automatically saved as a file but instead data in Clipboard on the computer.

To save the screenshot with the steps above, we need to use additional programs such as image or text editors. We in this case can use Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Word, or others to paste or paste the capture.

As Clipboard Data

  • Access the view you want to capture
  • Tap the button Print Screen
  • Run an image or text editing program
  • Create a new file if needed
  • Paste the screenshot
  • Edit image then Save

Although it looks almost similar to the previous method, the steps above can be used if you want to capture the appearance of the entire screen like the first screenshot method with a slight difference in function.

When compared to the first method, this method can be used more freely because it is not directly stored in the form of an image file. We can because we can directly paste the screenshot into a document or image like a copy of the data stored on the Clipboard.

With Snipping Tool

  • Set the display according to what you want to screenshot
  • Use the key combination Start Windows, Shiftand S
  • If the Snipping Tool program appears, select Mode what to use
  • Use the cursor to mark the part you want to screenshot if needed
  • Save the result by pressing the button Save Snip di program Snipping Tool

There are four modes that can be used in the Snipping Tool. These include Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Windows Snip, and Full-screen Snip, each of which offers quite different functions so they can be tailored to suit individual needs.

In this case, Free-form Snip offers a function to capture the appearance of the ASUS laptop screen with the shape we like. Rectangular Snip allows us to take screenshots in the form of a rectangular box that can be adjusted in size.

Windows Snip will only take screenshots of the activated program window. Temporary Full-screen Snip will capture an image of the entire ASUS laptop screen as the name suggests.

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