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How to take long screenshots on OPPO cellphones so that you can catch a lot

Gadgetren – For matters of screenshots, OPPO cellphone users are facilitated by the presence of several methods, starting from a combination of physical buttons and 3 finger gestures.

You can even do long screenshots on your cellphone OPPO. Usually long screenshots are used to capture content that has pages that need to be scrolled such as a site, document, and so on.

If the content does not have long pages, long screenshots cannot be activated automatically. Usually, after you take a normal screenshot with one of the methods above, a menu will appear to take an elongated screenshot.

OPPO Long Screenshot Method

Through Physical Key Combinations

  • From the page Home Screenfind the area you want to screenshot
  • Press the button Power + Volume Bawah simultaneously
  • The screen will flash or the shutter sound will sound
  • you will see thumbnail screenshot Flying on screen
  • Press the button Scroll
    OPPO - Long Screenshot - 1
  • The system will automatically scroll from top to bottom
  • When it feels finished, then press the button Done
    OPPO - Long Screenshot - 2
  • Next, you can press the button Share when this is shared on social media or chat applications
    OPPO - Long Screenshot - 3
  • While screenshots can be seen through the application Photos or My Files OPPO cellphone default

But of course you shouldn’t often use the physical button combination because we all know that the Power button has a very important role to turn on or turn off your cellphone.

The Volume button is also vital because it is used to lower the volume. Moreover, the Volume and Power buttons have functions for navigating in Recovery Mode. That way, you should use the 3-finger gesture method which doesn’t involve physical buttons at all.

Using 3 Finger Gestures

  • Find the area that you will screenshot
  • Swipe down the screen from top to bottom gesture 3 investment
  • A successfully taken screenshot is indicated by a flashing screen or a shutter sound
  • Press the button Scroll which is right below the floating thumbnail
    OPPO - Long Screenshot - 1
  • The system will automatically move the page from top to bottom
  • If the screenshot is sufficient, press the button Done
    OPPO - Long Screenshot - 2
  • A thumbnail will appear later Flying on the screen and there are buttons Share when you want to share it with others
    OPPO - Long Screenshot - 3
  • You can also see long screenshots through the application Photos or My Files

By default, the 3 finger screenshot feature has been active since the start of the OPPO cellphone being turned on. However, if this feature is not active on the device, you can turn it on first.

Enable 3 Finger Gestures

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO mobile
  • Type in keywords 3 finger on column Search
  • Select the menu Swipe down with 3 fingers to take screenshot
  • On the Gestures & motions page, press tombol toggle Swipe down with 3 fingers to take screenshot to the active position
    OPPO - Screenshot 3 Finger Active

In my own opinion, taking a screenshot with a 3-finger gesture is faster than a physical button combination because you only need to touch the surface smoothly with three.

In fact, apart from OPPO devices, several cellphone manufacturers have also presented a long screenshot feature that can be accessed directly because it really helps with certain things.

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