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How to Take a Selfie on TikTok with Effects to Upload as a Story

Gadgetren – TikTok’s short video service until now provides a variety of new features to make it easier for you to make short videos.

Starting from features for editing, duration, Story, to adding filters and effects that are not boring you can use on TikTok.

Besides being able to make videos, you can also use the application as a camera to take selfies or selfies. By taking photos directly from TikTok, you can share them directly to For You or just as a story.

Every photo taken can also be created with a variety of tools provided, such as inserting songs, embedding effects, filters and others. To use the camera feature in the TikTok application, you can find it when you want to make a short video.

But not in the camera menu option because this feature is intended for making short videos with a choice of duration provided. You can find the camera feature for selfie photos in the Story menu. You just have to slide it to the right to select the photo feature and make sure it’s not video recording.

In it you can also enter filters and effects so you can get selfies that look natural and perfect. More details, you can follow the following steps.

How to Take Selfies on TikTok

Besides being able to take selfies in the Story menu, you can also make live videos with a limited duration of 15 seconds. The rest to make a short video longer with a duration of 60 or 3 minutes must use the recording from the previous Camera menu.

Just like selfie photos, videos in Story you can add effects, songs, filters, and much more. You can edit directly after recording with the results that you can post on your TikTok profile page.

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