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How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A04e to capture the screen display

Gadgetren – Screenshot is one of the important features nowadays. Various kinds of new mobile phone models are good news launched equipped with this basic support.

Samsung Galaxy A04e including one of them. This cellphone developed by Samsung has a screenshot feature to make it easier for users to capture the screen display.

It’s just that it’s different from the cellphones on it, the screenshot method provided by the Galaxy A04e is indeed less. The limited specification of the device with the One UI Core interface is the reason.

Even so, the Galaxy A04e doesn’t forget to include support for taking long screenshots. So we can still capture the appearance of article pages or applications that have a size exceeding one page.

The screenshot feature on the Galaxy A04e is also very easy to use. If you haven’t been able to use the support, here is more detail on how to use it.

Cara Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A04e

Using Physical Buttons

  • Open the page you want to screenshot
  • Press together the buttons Power and Volume Down
  • Immediately release both
  • The screen will flash or a shutter sound will sound if successful

After that, a screenshot preview of the ignored view will be shown. With it, several menus will appear, such as Edit which can be used for editing and Share to share the image.

No Button

  • Enter page Settings
  • Go to section Accessibility
  • Tap the menu Interaction and dexterity
  • Make sure to enable the option Assistant menu
  • Click Allow if a confirmation window appears
  • A floating menu Assistant button will appear
  • Access the view you want to capture
  • Tap Assistant menu button Flying
  • Select Screenshot
  • A screenshot preview will appear if successful

If you don’t want the buttons to wear out or get damaged quickly because you press them too often, we can take advantage of a support called the Assistant menu to take screenshots on the Galaxy A04e cellphone. But to use it we need to activate the settings first like the steps above.

Long Screenshots

  • Open a long article or page
  • Use one of the screenshot methods above
  • Wait for the screenshot preview to appear
  • Click the menu Scroll Capture (double down arrow icon) that appears with the preview
  • Repeat several times until all desired pages are captured

All screenshots will generally be saved to the Screenshots folder on the phone’s internal memory. We can then open it using the Gallery and My File applications as needed.

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