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How to take a screenshot of the vivo Y35 to capture the screen display

Gadgetren – In addition to fast charging technology, IP5X and IPX4 protection, and a 90Hz screen, the Vivo Y35 cellphone is also equipped with screenshot support like most Android devices.

The screenshot feature it brings is also easy to use. Armed with the Funtouch OS system interface made by vivo, there are several ways that can be used to access the support which can be selected according to each person’s preferences.

For those of you who don’t know, there are at least three screenshot methods supported by the Vivo Y35 in this case. These include using physical buttons, using three fingers, and taking advantage of the S-Capture feature.

Not to forget, the Vivo Y35 cellphone is also equipped with a long screenshot feature that can be used to take screenshots of more than one page. For example, to capture a conversation in a chat application or an article on a web page.

With a variety of screenshot methods, we can also more easily capture an attractive screen display. As for those of you who still can’t use it, here’s an explanation about it.

How to take a screenshot on a Vivo Y35 cellphone

Using Physical Keys

  • Open the view you want to capture
  • Place finger over button Power and Volume Down
  • Press both at the same time and release
  • If successful the screen will flash
  • A screenshot preview image will appear

Just like Android phones in general, we can also use physical buttons to take screenshots on the Vivo Y35 device. This method is one of the most practical among the existing methods.

It’s just that you need to remember that using the screenshot method on the Vivo Y35 cellphone can shorten the life of the button. So as another alternative, we can use a method that uses digital support.

Using Three Finger Gestures

  • Go to the page you want to screenshot
  • Place three fingers (index, middle, and ring finger) on the screen
  • Swipe three fingers down
  • Preview image will appear after screen flash if successful

Basically, the screenshot feature with the three-finger gesture will be activated immediately since the first time we use the Vivo Y35 cellphone. If not, we can activate it manually via settings.

Go to page Settings > Shortcuts & accessibility > S-Capture. After that, make sure to activate the option Slide down with three fingers to take screenshot so that the three-finger gesture feature can be used on the Vivo Y35 cellphone.

Using S-Capture

  • Access the page you want to save as an image
  • Drag the status bar down to open Control Center
  • Tap the button S-Capture
  • Select the desired screenshot option
  • Click Save If you have finished it

There are several screenshot menus offered by the S-Capture feature. Some of us will find Long Screenshot, Rectangular Screenshot, or Funny Screenshot. Those of us who want to capture the screen in the form of video can also choose Record Screen.

Long Screenshots

  • Look for long pages
  • Take a screenshot in one of the ways you can
  • After the preview image appears, click options Long screenshot
  • Leave it until all the desired pages are immortalized
  • Click Save when finished

After successfully doing one of the ways to screenshot on the Vivo Y35 cellphone, we can immediately open and share the results through the preview that appears. We can also access it with Albums or other image editing applications.

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