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How to take a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy A04s to save the screen display

Gadgetren – Even though it comes as an entry-level device, the Samsung Galaxy A04s is also still equipped with a screenshot feature that can be used to capture the screen display.

It’s just that it can’t be denied that the available methods are fewer than the cellphones on it. This is because the Galaxy A04s has quite limited specifications, including the use of One UI Core as its interface.

In this case, we can at least use the physical buttons or the assistant menu to take screenshots on the Galaxy A04s. Both are equally easy to use so you can choose according to your conditions and needs.

No less interesting, the Galaxy A04s is still equipped with a scroll capture feature or long screenshots. So we can still use the cellphone to capture pages that are more than one screen size, such as web articles or chat conversations.

All the screenshot methods offered by the Galaxy A04s can be used directly without the need to install additional applications. Those of you who don’t know how to do it can listen in more detail in the following explanation.

How to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy A04s

Using Physical Keys

  • Access the page you want to take a screenshot of
  • Simultaneously press the button Power and Volume Down
  • The screen will flash and a camera shutter sound will be heard if successful
  • After that, a preview image of the screenshot will appear

Screenshots using physical buttons are also the most practical way on the Galaxy A04s cellphone. We can even use it immediately since the device is turned on for the first time without the need to make any settings.

The drawback is that this method can cause the button components to wear out or break more quickly if used too often. We can therefore use the assistant menu as an alternative.

Utilizing the Assistant Menu

  • Open Settings
  • Go to section Accessibility
  • Select the menu Interaction and dexterity
  • Activate option Assistant menu
  • Confirm by pressing the button Allow
  • Once active, the Assistant menu button will appear floating
  • Find and open the page you want to immortalize
  • Tap the button Floating menu assistant
  • Select Screenshot
  • If successful, a preview of the screenshot image will appear

Unlike the physical button method, screenshots using the assistant menu usually cannot be used directly. We have to activate the feature first through the Settings page.

Long Screenshots

  • Open a page that is more than one screen size
  • Take a screenshot with one of the previous methods
  • Click button Scroll Capture (double down arrow icon) that appears with the preview image
  • Tap the button until all parts of the desired page are successfully captured

We can actually directly edit and share screenshots via the menu that appears with the preview image. It’s just that if it’s closed, we can access it through the Gallery or other photo editing applications because it will also be saved to the device’s storage media.

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