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How to Subscribe to Spotify Student to Get Cheaper Prices

Gadgetren – In order to access the service more conveniently, we may need to subscribe to one of the Spotify Premium packages which are priced starting from IDR 27,500 per month.

Spotify Premium is a subscription system that allows us to get various conveniences when using the service. These include playing songs without ads and listening offline.

By subscribing to Spotify Premium, we will also be allowed to play any song. We can skip what we don’t like over and over again or listen to certain titles without being shuffled even though we’re using a cell phone.

There are many packages that we can consider when we want to subscribe to Spotify Premium. The cheapest, we can choose the Student package which is available for those of us who still hold student status.

Spotify Student offers a package with a hefty discount. Those of you who don’t know the steps to get it can listen to an explanation of how to subscribe to this special student package.

How to Subscribe to Spotify Student

  • Go to page
  • Tap the button Buy Premium
  • Log in or create an account if you don’t have one yet
  • On the Verify that you are a student page, tap the button Next
    How to Subscribe to Spotify Student - 1
  • Fill in the form that appears (name, email address, country, and campus)
  • Make sure to fill it with the correct data
  • Don’t forget to check the option agree to the privacy policy
  • Click Next
  • Verify data using campus credentials or upload documents that prove student status
    How to Subscribe to Spotify Student - 2
  • Follow the instructions according to the verification option you want to use
  • If successful, we’ll get a confirmation email (this could take days)
  • Open the email, click Take Student Discount
  • Click Get Premium on the desired package
  • Tap the button Continue purchasing
  • Select and complete the purchase with the payment method you want to use

Spotify Student is valid for students over 18 years of age from various campuses or universities that are already registered at SheerID. This package can only be purchased for four years according to the study period in general.

In accordance with the explanation above, SheerID verification can be done by entering the credentials from the campus. If you don’t know, then we can upload documents that can prove student status such as class schedules, grade transcripts, and proof of payment.

If you don’t meet the various requirements above, you can’t buy Spotify Student. We can also consider other packages such as individual for IDR 54,990, duo for IDR 71,490, or family for IDR 86,900 as alternatives.

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