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How to Stop Tri Packages To Unsubscribe Gadgetren Packages

Gadgetren – As a cellular operator known for its very affordable products, Tri has various internet packages that we can consider to meet our daily needs.

The operator, which now operates under the auspices of the Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH) company, provides an inexpensive solution for those of us who like to download files, play games, and chat via chat applications.

Like most cellular operators that distribute their products in Indonesia, Tri also embeds an automatic renewal system for some of the data packages offered. These include Happy and AlwaysON Unlimited.

Although it can help us to automatically renew packages that are currently in use, this system can unfortunately feel quite detrimental for some people. Especially if we want to change to another product option.

Fortunately, Tri is equipped with an option to stop subscribing to data packages that can be used easily. There are two channels available in this case which in more detail can be used with the following steps.

How to Stop Data Packages on the Tri Network


  • Open the SMS application (the name can be different according to the cellphone used)
  • Enter number 234 to the destination column
  • Type STOP(space)Package Code in the message body
  • Don’t forget to change the Package Code with the package code currently in use
  • Press the button Send or Send

One way to stop data packets on the Tri network can be done via SMS to number 234 as explained above. It’s just that each product usually has a different code so we need to adjust it.

In this case, we specifically need to use the appropriate data plan code in order to successfully unsubscribe. As for those of you who don’t know, you can check it through the following list.

Code to Stop Tri Data Package

  • 117GB30D for HomePack Package 117GB
  • 150GB30D for HomePack 150GB Package
  • UNLIM16R for AlwaysOn Unlimited 36GB Package
  • UNLIM10R for AlwaysOn Unlimited 30GB Package
  • UNLIM6R for AlwaysON Unlimited 26GB Package
  • AU5GB for 5GB AddOn Package (Purchase via Bima+)
  • 38GB30D for 38GB AddON Package
  • 32GB30D for 32GB AddOn Package
  • TRI33GB for 33GB HotSale Package
  • TRI66GB for Package 66GB 30 days
  • 12GBYT for 4G ON 12GB Package
  • GMS for H3RO Max Package
  • MONTHLY untuk Paket Happy 12GB, Happy 18GB, Happy 52GB Unlimited, Happy 25GB, HotSale 52GB
  • WEEKLY untuk Paket Happy 1GB, Happy 2GB, Happy 5GB, Happy 3.5GB, Happy 3GB, Happy 6GB, Happy 9GB

For example, to unsubscribe from the Happy 12GB package, we later need to change the content of the SMS message to MONTHLY STOP. Only then can you press the Send or Send button to submit a request.

Via the Bima+ App

  • Download the Bima+ app
  • Login using your Tri number
  • On the main page, tap on options View details on active data and credit information
  • Look for currently active packages
  • Click button Stop on the right side of the package name
  • If successful, a package stop notification will appear

In addition to using SMS, we can also stop Tri data packages via Bima+. One of us can access this service through a special application that can be downloaded from Google Play Store nor Apple Apps Store.

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