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How to STOP Indosat IM3 RBT Via the UNREG Menu to Unsubscribe

Gadgetren – RBT (Ringback Tone) or personal dial tone has indeed been one of the rapidly growing trends in the past. Indosat IM3 operator therefore has a special service for that.

The operator, which is now in the same hands as Tri Indonesia, under the name Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH), even has two similar services, including Iring and Nadaku.

But getting here, RBT services are starting to be abandoned by many users. Especially since phone calls have been diverted to internet-based conversational media such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or LINE.

Unfortunately, Indosat’s RBT services including Iring and Nadaku will usually set an automatic subscription system. So without us knowing it, sometimes our pulses just cut off every period.

To prevent the credit from being cut off automatically, we need to stop or stop the Indosat RBT service. There are several ways that can be tried, some of which are as follows.

How to UNREG RBT Indosat IM3


  • Open the messaging app on your phone
  • Type number 808 in the destination column
  • Type UNREG or STOP
  • Press the button Send
  • Follow the instructions according to the reply received

Make sure to receive confirmation of the unsubscribe process so that in the future you will not be subject to credit cuts again. If still not, we may need to try the way to unregister Indosat RBT via UMB (USSD Menu Browser).

Via USSD Code

  • Open the phone call panel (dialpad)
  • Type USSD code *185#
  • Press the button Call
  • Select the menu Content Services
  • Select the menu Nadaku or despising
  • Find and select the unsubscribe option
  • Follow the instructions that appear next

As in general, the operation of the UMB menu on the Indosat network must also be done by typing the number according to the desired menu or option and then pressing the Send button. For example, type 2 to select the 2. Content Services menu.

In addition to UMB *185#, we can also unsubscribe from RBT on the Indosat network via *808#. Later, you just have to choose the Accompaniment or My tone menu, then use the Unreg or Stop options according to what appears.

If some of the methods above still fail, then it’s a good idea to contact Indosat Care service to get the right help. You can find it through Twitter, WhatsAppor Email [email protected]

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