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How to Stabilize Video in CapCut Directly from Mobile

Gadgetren – Currently recording video is very easy because you can use a cellphone that is already equipped with advanced features such as large resolution and support for video stabilization to gimbals.

However, for beginner class cellphones, of course, many are not supported by the image stabilization feature so that the video recording results will not move smoothly.

To overcome this, usually you might use a tripod or additional gimbal accessories so that the video recording does not sway. But interestingly, there is now a solution that is presented from the CapCut application to smooth the recorded video if it shakes a little.

This application made by ByteDance, available on both Android and iOS devices, allows you to edit videos to include filters, effects, songs, and much more. To know more clearly about how to stabilize a video, you can follow the steps below.

How to Stabilize Video in CapCut

In addition to the CapCut application, you can also use other applications to stabilize videos such as Open Camera, Video Smoother Stabilizer, Movie Stiller, Deshake, Google Photos, and others.

Using the help of an application to stabilize the video you make should be the last thing to do. If you want to get really good results, then you have to use an adequate cellphone such as supported by the built-in stabilization feature, a tripod, to a special gimbal.

That way your video results will be nice to see even with makeshift equipment. Your audience will continue to want to see the content you create and it will attract more viewers to followers.

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