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How to solve the screen turns off when the phone on an OPPO cellphone

Gadgetren – When making a call using an OPPO cellphone, usually the screen will be in a dead condition.

This can happen thanks to the presence of the Proximity Sensor on OPPO phones. This sensor itself uses electromagnetic radiation fields and rays so that it can detect the distance of something around it.

When it detects that the user’s ear is near the OPPO smartphone, the screen will automatically turn off to prevent unwanted input such as turning off calls.

Even though this feature is good for providing preventive measures, some people want the screen not to turn off when making a call using an OPPO cellphone either to open applications or others.

To overcome this, you can see some of the following solutions that you can try.

1. Set Ear to Phone Distance

The most important thing in overcoming the screen turns off when making a call is by adjusting the ear distance so that it is detected far away by the Proximity Sensor. If the distance is set correctly, the screen should stay on while the conversation is in progress.

2. Use Earphones or Headphones

When receiving phone calls using other devices such as earphones via Bluetooth or cable, usually the cellphone will be in active mode so that the screen remains on. In addition, the distance of your ear should not be detected by the Proximity Sensor.

3. Set Gesture Feature

Sometimes some gesture features related to the screen can also cause problems so that the OPPO cellphone screen turns off when you are on the phone.

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO phone
  • Type Gesture on column Search
  • Select the menu Gestures & motions
  • Activate features Raise to wake in section Motions
  • Disable features Lift to ear to answer call, Auto switch to receiverand Flip to mute incoming calls

Usually, after the Gesture feature is set, the screen will stay on when making phone calls on OPPO phones. But if this method still doesn’t work, then you can reset the system settings first.

4. Reset All Settings

The screen turns off when making a call sometimes it can also be a problem with the operating system settings of the cellphone. You can use the Reset All Settings feature so that system settings on OPPO phones can return to normal.

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO phone
  • In column Search, type Reset
  • Select Reset All Settings from the results that appear
  • Then press menu Reset All Settings
  • Enter password, PIN, Pattern, or fingerprint
  • Press the button Reset all settings until finished

When the reset process has been successful, the system should return to normal so that the screen will not turn off when the Proximity Sensor detects that the ear is not too close to the cellphone screen.

But if everything can’t be done, then most likely the Proximity Sensor on your OPPO cellphone is damaged. We recommend that you visit the nearest OPPO Service Center to have it repaired by an experienced and certified technician.

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