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How to Share XL Data Packages with Other Users

Gadgetren – Don’t want to be outdone by other operators in Indonesia, XL already has a feature that allows users to share their quota with other users.

That way it can help other users who are having trouble buying a data package for a while, even without having to buy a new one.

However, it should be noted that the quota transfer or data package feature only applies to XL Prepaid customers. While the quota that can be transferred for now is only the Main Quota and Rollover Quota from the package XTRA Combo Plus ke paket XTRA Combo Plus VIP.

Later the active period of the distributed data quota will be extended automatically when the credit is sufficient. To share XL data package quota to other users, you can do it via SMS or the myXL application.

How to Share XL Data Packages

Via USSD Code

  • Open the app Phone or Telephone.
  • Type code *123*123#.
  • Press the button SIM 1 or SIM 2 depending on the location of the X card.
    For XL - USSD Data Packages - 1
  • To split the quota, type 1 to choose 1. XTRA Combo Main Quota.
  • Press the button SEND.
    For XL - USSD Data Packages - 2
  • Next, select the quota to be transferred.
  • For example, type 1 to choose 1.1GB.
  • Press the button SEND.
    For XL - USSD Data Packages - 3
  • A pop-up box will appear containing the text Your request is being processed. Thank You.
    For XL - USSD Data Packages - 4

When you don’t subscribe to the XTRA Combo XL package, you will instead get an SMS saying that Sorry, you can’t redeem your quota because you don’t have the right package. Make sure you have the XTRA Combo Plus & XTRA Combo Plus VIP packages.

The amount of quota that can be sent has also been determined by XL, starting from 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, up to 10GB, which you can choose as you wish.

In addition, the sequence of USSD codes can change at any time depending on XL’s policy, so always make sure to read the menu text carefully beforehand.

Through the myXL Application

  • Download the myXL app at Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Open the myXL application on the device.
  • Account login with XL number.
  • On the page mainPress the button Sharing.
  • On the page What to SharePress the button Package.
  • Enter number cellphone recipient.
  • Press the button Continue.
  • Then press the Choose Package column.
  • Choose a plan XTRA Combo Plus or XTRA Combo Mini which are desired.
  • Press the button Activate.
  • Make sure receiver and package which will be given accordingly.
  • Press the button Send.
  • Select payment method desired and press the button Pay.
  • Complete the payment steps.

Even though they both provide package quotas to other users, the USSD code and the myXL application are actually different systems.

Using the USSD code can be done to provide the data package quota that you currently have. Meanwhile, through the myXL application, you can only buy or gift data packages to other users.

The myXL application also has a Sharing Balance feature which functions to share the credit you currently have with other users. But at least Rp. 5,000 is needed as a minimum limit for transferring the credit.

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