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How to Share WiFi Passwords That Have Been Connected on Various Devices

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Gadgetren – Various kinds of devices today are usually equipped with special support for sharing previously connected WiFi connections to make our activities easier.

From mobile phones to computers, we can find this support and then use it easily to connect other devices to the WiFi network we’ve used before.

By taking advantage of this support, we don’t need to remember one by one the passwords of the WiFi connections we’ve used. So we can complete various tasks that require an internet connection or share them with friends when needed.

On some devices, we will even find a password sharing feature that is very practical to use. We can use it just by tapping the button without the need to retype it so there is no need to bother and worry about the wrong password.

Each device, of course, has different support in this regard, so it needs to be adjusted in steps. As for those of you who don’t know, you can listen to the steps to use it in more detail as follows.

How to Share WiFi Passwords That Have Been Connected


  1. Go to page Settings
  2. Find and open settings for WiFi
  3. Tap nama WiFi which is being used
  4. Open the QR code scanner on the device you want to connect (eg Google Lens app)
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  5. Scan the QR code of the connected WiFi connection
  6. Click Join Network or the appropriate button

If you want to share the password directly because the device you want to connect does not support the camera, we can also do some of the things above using the same cellphone as an alternative.

First, open the QR code from the connected WiFi connection and then take a screenshot according to the Android phone you are using. Install and run Google Lens app on the same device to be able to scan the QR Code.

Open the screenshot with Google Lens to see information about the network name and password that will appear at the bottom if the application scans it successfully. Tap the QR code portion of the displayed image if it doesn’t already appear.

iOS atau iPad OS

  1. Make sure both devices are running the latest Apple operating system
  2. Turn on both WiFi and Bluetooth from both
  3. Turn off the Personal Hotspot feature if one is on
  4. Make sure the devices save each other’s email addresses for Apple ID
  5. Bring the two devices closer together
  6. Connect the device you want to connect to the same WiFi network
  7. Tap the button Share Password on previously connected devices
  8. Click button Done

Unfortunately, the above method can only be used for various WiFi passwords from iPhone or iPad to other Apple devices. If you want to send it to another device, we also need help from additional services or applications such as Shortcuts.

In addition to being able to find it on mobile devices, the password sharing feature can also be found on Windows and MacOS-based computers. Here’s more or less how to do it if you don’t know about it.


  1. Click Start Windows
  2. Select Settings
  3. Go to section Network & Internet
    How to Share a Connected WiFi Password - 2
  4. Open tab Status
  5. Click Network and Sharing Center
    How to Share a Connected WiFi Password - 3
  6. Click Nama WiFi next to description Connections
    How to Share Connected WiFi Password - 4
  7. Tap the button Wireless Properties
    How to Share a Connected WiFi Password - 5
  8. Enter the tab Security
  9. Check option Show characters
    How to Share a Connected WiFi Password - 6
  10. Copy password from column Network security key

To open the Network and Sharing Center page, each version of Windows actually has a different way. The steps above can be used on Windows 11 or 10, which is more or less the same, while for Windows 8 and below you can use the search feature to find it.


  1. Press the button Command and SPACES together
  2. Use keywords keychain access Pada Spotlight
  3. Open the app that appears by tapping Enter
  4. Tap the search field from the window that appears
  5. Type the name of the WiFi whose password you want to share
  6. Double click the WiFi name from the search results
  7. Tick Show password
  8. Share WiFi passwords as needed

The method above takes advantage of a feature called Keychain which has some quite interesting functions. In addition to viewing passwords from WiFi that have been connected, this method can also be used to store several secret things such as notes, keys, and security certificates.

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